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Mauser 98K BO Manufacture/PPS – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Mauser 98K BO Manufacture/PPS – REVIEW AIRSOFT

WARNING – This video features a German uniform with visible badges. This is a historic will, to illustrate the use of the Mauser 98K. If that shocks you, I am sorry and I invite you to discover my videos on Allied airsoft guns.

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft airsoft gun presentation video. Today, I have the honor to present to you the Mauser 98K from PPS, modified and sold by BO Manufacture. I have already been able to present the Mauser 98K PPS to you before, in a video where the quality was not very present.

The sound was annoying and there was no shooting test, which is the main interest of this airsoft gun. So I’m going to introduce the… shit, I forgot my text. Too bad, I will do it in Fritz Style. So let’s go back! And with the support of BO Manufacture, you guessed it.

So let’s start with the question you are all going to ask me, yes you, there: where to get it? It’s up to you to look in your favorite shops. BO Manufacture is an intermediary, it’s the distributor but not the final seller.

Since there is no sponsor in a particular store for this video, it’s up to you to find and choose the one you want! BO Manufacture released this Mauser 98K, originally manufactured by PPS, in early 2020.

But they ordered a special livery directly from the manufacturer with their own markings. I was able to participate in the development of this version, I was asked to validate technical diagrams which would represent the future – now current – Mauser.

Note that these were only basic diagrams. I have not seen any photos. I’ll come back to that later. The base is a Mauser 98K PPS generation 2. Namely that the internal barrel will have been changed for a precision barrel, and spacers have been added at this level, so that the barrel is well stabilized in the external barrel.

We call it barrel spacers. At this level, you might as well switch to English to continue this video. I like to walk in the fields with my Mauser 98k, I find it very enriching. If you have not seen the unboxing, I invite you to go take a look in the description of the video, you can see how it at the origin, and what accessories there were.

For those who are lazy, since I want to keep you here, I will summarize. We have the box, the airsoft gun, a magazine, the bolt, a BB-loader, a screwdriver, an Allen key, and a manual that we have here.

Very simple, in several languages: French, English and Spanish. Normal, it’s a manual, a Manuel Valls. So therefore you won’t know what to do with it. I’m kidding, we still have a nice little technical exploded view in the back, which is very small and lacks screws.

Okay. I was talking about generation. You will ask me: generations, what does it correspond to? Well I have had all three generations. In my first old video, you could see the first generation. Here the 2nd, and I also have the 3rd.

Honestly, I haven’t seen many differences. In fact generations, I think it’s just batchs. This is why the first generation has been difficult to find for years. And here, 2nd and 3rd, they are lots. And the only difference I have seen is that we have an additional spring here in the bolt, which is no longer in generation 3.

What is it for? I honestly don’t know. Here is. Hundreds of euros invested just to be able to give you this little information. It was worth it ! Next time, I will read reviews on the forums, it may be easier.

.. Ah? You can read ? I broke you. Afterwards, you should know that the generation 3 from PPS that I own is upgraded by TNT-Studio. So there’s no point in presenting it to you right now. Maybe I can make a video just for it, just in a shooting test.

Because they are the same, there is no need to procrastinate, they are exactly the same. Internal and external (except the small spring). Left BO, right PPS Generation 3. The two are not really original.

Well, that of BO is as it’s, except the external, I will come back to this later. While this one is not standard at all. But I’m not here to talk about generation 3, let’s take this one from BO Manufacture! Note that during the research I could do to make this video, I could see that PPS released a version for the Chinese.

A historically realistic version for Chinese people. The Zhongzheng version. Without sight hood, with flat butt plate, notch on the side to get your hands on. And above all, where it’s interesting, is that the cocking lever is straight.

And there I admit that it can be interesting for those who want to make customs of Gewehr 98. You see the idea? No, I won’t do it. Not immediately. Little advice: the first thing to do when you receive this airsoft gun: clean the barrel.

With a cleaning rod and a small cloth. See more by dismantling the mechanism, because there is grease (greece) everywhere. So much that I had to take my rag to court because it was a black face, this asshole! Let’s talk about the external airsoft gun.

It’s made entirely of zamak, except the outer barrel which is made of aluminum, if I am not mistaken. The wooden stock is… wooden. Obviously! The original color is there. It’s totally watchable. But I can only advise you to either – teint your stock after having stripped it; either to change it for an original post-war era.

Originally, it’s really very… too recognizable. That said, if you are not a handyman or if you are lazy, it goes very well, no need to touch it. On the original stock, I would just like to make a small remark.

Too bad for the butt plate which is not perfectly adjusted to the wood… After, a blow of dremel then cold bluing, or painting, that will do the job very well. But it’s in principle, it’s not perfect.

Take care of the cleaning tub, it has a very small screw thread which is located there. When the thread of an original is there. Of all the Mausers I have used in airsoft, none had the wand. They had all broken.

Or were missing. To believe that there, I have a rare piece… Oh, I have a rare piece! We have a realistic adjustable sight, which is graduated from 100 to 2000m. Which is absolutely useless, even in real life.

Has anyone ever shot up like that at 2000m? It must be really complicated… To type at 2000m, even with a scope it’s complicated then without… Well yes, without glasses (scope in french) you can’t see anything! Uh.

.. am I hitting all the heavy guys there? Call me the joke department, I think there is a problem in the video. We originally have a rail on the left side to install a ZF41. Rail that I chose not to keep.

Result, we have a small hole here since it’s dug in the metal. It’s a bit of a shame, I admit, but I prefer to have it without. Since there are times, the Mausers were mostly without the rail. Besides, if you want to put a scope on the rail, take a REAL ZF41, since the reproductions don’t yet exist.

Because all the repros that exist airsoft currently are shit. They’re not realistic and ugly, you’re just going to waste money for nothing. And even if you have a scope to really aim, you might as well put a ZF39 on it.

You’ll see, it’s really worth it this time! The magazines are Tanaka compatible, that’s a good point. Because it’s also a black point of this airsoft gun: the magazines are extremely expensive. I saw it for 80€ in France, second-hand! Afterwards, when we know a little where to find, we can find for 30 to 40€ with shipping costs.

For a magazine. If you really want to do it right, you have to have several. Note that these magazines don’t fit into the Mauser pouches. Too bad! To remove your magazine, there will be a small lever here.

Not realistic, alas, but very practical, it will be necessary to press to drop your magazine. Make the bolt open, it will avoid mistreating your joints. There may be a small spring to change with wear in your airsoft gun: it’s the spring of the firing pin.

Which over time, maybe a little weak. I had to change mine on my Tanaka which is now almost 10 years old. Well, he’s over 10 years old, but I got him almost 10 years ago. It exists in spare parts, but by changing with a piece of piano wire, I could find the original performances.

The bolt realistically disassembles. Small recommendation when you receive your gun: Put glue or thread locker points on the screws under the bolt. If these screws fall, your bolt will be ruined. And to find them, it can be difficult.

.. Another little recommendation: if the extractor is not fixed, stock it. Otherwise you will lose it. Use super glue. Degrease everything, put the super glue, reassemble your bolt and wait for it to dry.

We can notice a seal which is here red under the bolt. Originally it was black. A little bit damaged, but I preferred to change it. I had some in spare, since these are seals for M700 from Tanaka. It’s easily found in spare parts.

Why did I change it? Just to differentiate generation 2 and 3! So I’m in red on generation 2 and in black on generation 3! It’s a way for me to know, rather than engraving or writing something on the bolt.

.. If you disassemble your bolt, and you don’t reassemble it exactly as it should, then perhaps the power will be too high. The power will vary depending on how you tightened the “firing pin” screw in the bolt.

As I didn’t find the right setting, I used a method that I had already used to downgrade the Tanaka first version that I already have: Use a piece of packaging of this kind of transparent plastic. And cut a small circle which will then be drilled with Dremel, and interposed between the bolt and the seal.

Be careful, hole your circle well in the center like Donuts, or if it’s not perfectly in the center, you will have to align your hole with the vertical axis, to be able to shoot straight! If you put it slightly askew, there will be more gas on one side than on the other, so the BB’s will go more to one side than the other.

Please note, a 1/2 mm hole can add 100 fps at once. In the chrony test, without this little part, I was at 560 fps. With it, I recovered normal power. I don’t advise you to disassemble your bolt, since it will have a good power at the origin.

And if you push the firing pin screw too far, it won’t hit hard enough. There is a setting on it. I advise you to add a sling. Here is a reproduction from Ebay. No need to wonder where to find slings, there are plenty on ebay, you can choose the quality, the price, if it comes from India, France, Germany.

.. You choose, you find, I won’t do everything for you anyway! Okay, now let’s go to the point that bothered me the most about this airsoft gun originally, since I touched up a bit: the markings. So here are the markings we originally had.

DUV 41, 1039h, with the serial number (PPS) on the side, a small denazified bird. Honestly, these markings, I find them ugly! And if I had been shown this before, I would have said “no, don’t do that”.

Note that the serial number here will vary depending on the replicas. Here it’s a 1039, I saw a photo of the 1041. But I would still have preferred to have the original markings of the PPS, the BYF 43.

At least they are well engraved. Good certainly, with the Laser and it’s visible, as we can see here. But it’s engraved in the metal. While there, with the original markings from PPS for BO, it’s engraved on the paint but just on the paint.

That said, there is ONE advantage: If you remove the paint, you remove the markings, and you can therefore add YOUR own markings. And so, I chose to put my Mauser in 1940. No manufacturer had done this yet.

This model comes from the Steyr factory, number 148 (yes the first released in 1940 was number 48, I just added a 1 in front to avoig having the very first out of the factory). Code 660, I have rewritten the Mod 98 with an upper case, 2 lower case, a period and 2 numbers.

I added little birds everywhere, punches. They are not exactly as they should be for this brand. But sorry, I only have one Waffenamt with one number below. The purists are going to smash my face, but I’m sorry, I have no other solution at the moment.

Then I’m going to be told that the cupped butt plate was not good in 1940. Well, Steyr was one of the first to offer it. Before it was flat butt plate, yes. One day I would like to present you an airsoft Mauser with a flat butt plate.

But here it’s a Yugoslavian stock that I adapted. It took me 2 hours, it wasn’t very complicated. But with a flat butt plate, that would imply that the wood would be an original. And typing in the original, I feel that there are quite a few behind your screen, which are tense.

Purist. If you can avoid, better avoid. There, it’s a post-war period, I don’t have many qualms about typing in to adapt an airsoft gun. The original weight with PPS wood is 3.5 kg whereas once an original wood (here post-war Yugoslavian) is used, it will weigh 3.

7 kg. We therefore gain 200g which feels very little, since the original wood is already good quality. The internal barrel diameter 6.03mm for a length of 590mm. Be careful if you are sold a Yugoslavian stock you need a Yugoslav superior handguard, otherwise it will be ugly and it will have to adapt.

Note that an original wood with all its accessories will cost between 150 and 200€, I have already done a tutorial on this, you can find it in the description of this video. So yes, I know, there will be LOTS of people who will say “oh, you know, I got it a lot cheaper, my poor friend”.

Yes, but I don’t care. You have contacts, you are privileged, perhaps, but ultimately, being gifted, is it also perhaps knowing how to keep quiet? You have JUST proven that you weren’t! You’re going to make more enemies with a speech like that.

I don’t care much, the only ones who will feel insulted are ALREADY among my enemies! Do you want to see a small trace of their passage? Go see the red thumbs! The Mauser from PPS is an almost exact copy of the Tanaka, with one exception: the bolt and the hop-up block are not the same.

The parts at this level are therefore not interchangeable. Everything else is the same. Like all Mausers, the bolt will be armed when it’s opened, unlike the Mosin Nagant for example. Safety is located on the top and is realistic.

Here I cannot shoot but I can open the bolt; and on the right, I can’t open the bolt and I can’t shoot either. I chose to remove the front sight hood, precisely because it’s a 1940 Steyr version, and there was no hood at the time, it came a little later.

Good after, small error, there is the notch, whereas normally, it should not. I should plug it. About the sights, at the front it’s adjustable, thanks to a small lateral screw, and at the rear, it’s adjustable in height, I have already spoken about it.

Namely, we can tilt the sight completely here, it’s not annoying, it’s not going to break. Also to watch: the wear that may appear at this level, since this is where the cocking lever will come to strike when you close your bolt.

Watch out for this point, it’s zamak, and it tends to warp a bit. And finally, to finish this analysis, you can find this airsoft gun for a recommended price of 369.99€. This is a nice formulation to avoid committing to a firm price.

Next, it’s up to you to find and compare! My work is done! We will now go to the chrony test, to the 0.20g, then to the shooting test at 15m then at 40m and a range test, all with 0.40g BB’s. And I’m with normal gas.

Note that there is a little rain, a little wind. It’s 18 °C, the magazines make 10 BB’s of capacity. You can fire between 20 and 30 BB’s with a single charge of gas depending on the temperature. Tripod! We can see that it’s a good rifle that shoots really well! After, I didn’t push him to the maximum of his capacities, that I leave you the pleasure of spending time on it! But we can see that the frying pan that I use as a target took a lot! Finally, this pan is the size of a head, so at 40m, you can make heads! Attention, I would advise you to lubricate or even remove the paint on the bolt, upon receipt of the gun, we feel that it rubs when opening the bolt.

And I don’t really like this friction. Personally, I didn’t have this problem since I stripped and cold blued it completely, but lubrication is essential. I would have liked to bounce on the word “lubrication”, but I feel that the ground is slippery.

.. Here is what concludes this video, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, feel free to leave a blue thumb, comment, subscribe, and share this video. I also thank BO Manufacture for its support, without whom this video wouldn’t have been possible, you can find the link to their website in the description.

And if you also want to help me, I invite you to discover at the bottom also the Tipeee and MyTip links, or by becoming a subscriber to the channel, this will allow you to have some advantages, like backstages, previews or maybe one day a live, we’ll see.

In any case, you can help me on the form but also on the content of my videos. As for me, I will see you soon for new videos of airsoft reviews, uniform and VIP presentations! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of BO Manufacture Thanks to Jean (BO), and Sonia (framing).

Thanks to Yves for the info on the Mauser Thanks to my Tipers… Want to see the cutest thing on earth? Panzer sleeping in my mess… It’s beautiful!


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