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Matt’s Lion Claws 2013 Loadout | Fox Airsoft

Matt’s Lion Claws 2013 Loadout | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys, Matt here with Fox, and I just wanted to give you guys a little brief overview of the load out that I actually got to run at Lion Claws this year. So a few things: I’m running a Pantac Plate Carrier, with the replica SAPI plates inside so it gives it a nice rigid fill out where those plates are designed where to go.

Also on the side here, you are going to notice I have a Condor tri-fold recovery pouch. I find it really useful to just have, you know, a dump pouch of any type to be able to collect things as you are out on the field– you know you might use it for empty magazines, or if you pick up some intelligence, you just need a place to dump something.

.. that’s a great option. On here, i just have my conventional magazine pouches, for this particular operations I was running an MP5 variant. I also use my radios, okay, in these magazine pouches. You are going to notice I have two COM’s.

This is a set up I preferred over the years because I typically run a squad or platoon lead position and I’m always finding the need to communicate two groups of people– the command eliminate and the people I’m commanding.

They are always on different channels and to switch between the two is a real pain in the butt. I find it easier to just have two radios, with the main command radio that I’m using all the time hooked up to a speaker mic.

I personally prefer this over any type of earbud system out there. I just found I was getting too tangled up with that type of system. This is really easy to grab, not any fine motor skills required, it’s nice and loud.

You know, if I need to sneak up on anyone or anything like that I’m just going to turn down the volume, and then when I’m done I’ll turn it back up. So, pretty simple. One other cool thing that I got to test out at the event is this particular pouch here.

This is call the Banger pouch for a flash bang or a what I guess you would say is a Thunder B. This is a great little piece of equipment. If you see the Thunder B, especially the dumbbell type shells, it’s going to clip right in here and It’s going to hold it very securely.

That way you can run all around the field, run into walls, everything else, and you are going to be able to deploy it very quickly. It also has a retention strap on here, just to give it that extra degree of security.

I found for this particular type of shell, you don’t even need the retention strap, it’s going to hold it in just fine. So, that’s what I got to run with. I had weekend out there, and we look forward to seeing you guys out at the next operation.


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