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Matt POV Boron CA – Airsoft Gameplay

Matt POV Boron CA – Airsoft Gameplay

Oh Jetson are you hit try to move up you want me come down he’ll go go go and he’s gonna push the skill set up stand up step they come far where I’m between the buildings down there I think we should push with them go go don’t window there tariffs I moved in keep that guy straight on ya keep down he’s down there hey you got one push around eight Frank please push around push around boys you got one right here around the box you look go go go everybody hip hey you’re good huh watch around the money corner that far top window or is there something else sure give your bandage ready dear Ben is ready watch bands go away there’s the door yeah hey cool reviving Joe Joe Joe just sit down sit down mark mark upstairs there we return but he’s going to tell us window during a covert op 1 over right right yeah definitely your stead players Nick makes it sit down sit down stairs in your hand move up move up mark mark I got straight down I moving at get mind essex place that sucks oh hey Nick Nick Nick Nick there a day straight through there firing out Nick [ __ ] Billy clear let’s go whoo tan joven chance control their building to our rough yeah straight across ya know your left oh sorry we’re at behind us yeah they got it okay Oh watch this window right here watch out window already up downstairs two of them she goes away free as a firefighter boy pusher where was the other one more right okay you guys want your burger on agility there behind the second story behind this too so oh yeah what up there that way behind us hey three guys let’s move with me we’re gonna take it Billy problem don’t know this good ricochets right yeah Nick let’s take this way and take up the line follow me guys what hey no antennas right no that’s what we can do this at all I don’t know if they could control the second story they control that we do are they they do I’ll see you knowing I see if we take the building line right here we could take that billion crevices huh or grin across all right let’s take water run across and try to fit through one of the windows and clear it green green side yep is it friendly friendly right there that’s no different lease in there you want to move the left or right this way up to building line actually it’s kind of far we could take this building right here do that stamp okay how can you wave at me then your family’s not cool


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