Hi guys! Welcome to the new video! in this video I will show you how to paint your gun! As you can see in the title of the video in this video, i will show you how to paint your gun! I will show it on my Block II I already had a couple paint jobs here as you can see I had the last paint job here for about 1 year then I thought why not make a new one and why not make a video about it! So let’s do it! what will we need? of course we will need some sprays I have these Krylons and we will need some items to do the paint job I’ll use this net because I will the SNAKE paint job So I’ll use this net but you can use anything else like leaf or grass it depends on what paint job you want to do It is very important to use quality sprays I’ll use these Krylons and I think it is the best choice These sprays are specially designed for military paint jobs Poor quality sprays can give you a wrong paint job I have experience with bad sprays and the colors then faded the colors were completely different than I wanted watch out for this I recommend you use Krylon spray because they are made directly for camouflage camouflage guns or other gear parts There was one guy who normally sprayed it with metallic spray on cars and it flashed all the way to the other village, which was 2 kilometers away.

this is also wrong 😀 Another great advantage is you can use these sprays on a lot of surfaces f.e. metal, plastic, glass, paper, wood and others Another great advantage is it dries very quickly on the touch it is 15 minutes I have personally tried – the spray is dry about 5-7 minutes after paint job you can use it after 1 hour These sprays are ultra-flat, so your serial number on your gun will be visible I have here Krylon Sand, Krylon Coyote Brown and Krylon light Oliva We will start with the paint job! I removed all the accessories of my gun And I have my gun ready for paint job The first step is important glue the parts that we do not want to have sprayed I’ll stick trigger, magazine hole, barrel and others So let’s do it! as you can see i have it sealed trigger, magazine hole, barrel, shooting switch, dust cover, flap of my stock and others We are ready so go out and make a paint job! It is necessary to shake the spray thoroughly before spraying calmly 2 minutes at a time in different positions to mix it sufficiently and it didn’t make a fuss and etc it is good before paint job to make a pattern on paper to make sure they are exactly the colors you want and that you like the pattern you should like it the most on that paper because it’s a flat surface here we can see the swatches of all colors Krylon from the left: colorless matt lacquer Krylon sand Khaki light Oliva Oliva and Coyote brown I started with Sand and I sprayed the whole gun don’t forget the places like change position of shoot switch or close dust cover I sprayed the whole weapon over the net with Coyote brown in the second phase don’t forget the places like bottom of gun or barrel then I just darkened the different places with lines to make the gun even more masked I just didn’t like one part here, it looked too sharp So I fixed it a bit Then I took the gun out to see how would the paint job look like I think it worked out nicely so we’re at the end of this video I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked the video please like and subscribe <3 you can write me to the comments what you think about this paint job or which paint job do you have don't forget to look to the description there will by my Instagram! see you next time guys! Bye


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