Home Airsoft Reviews Marushin TAURUS Raging Bull Revolver Airsoft Review Deutsch (ENG SUB)

Marushin TAURUS Raging Bull Revolver Airsoft Review Deutsch (ENG SUB)

Marushin TAURUS Raging Bull Revolver Airsoft Review Deutsch (ENG SUB)

Bruce here, BB2k Airsoft Channel. nice that you turned on Today I want to show you something that is a niche product in Airsoft. You already read the description and saw the box here. It is about an Airsoft Revolver It has been around for a while and for me it is one of the most beautiful airsoft revolver replicas.

It is the Taurus Raging Bull from the company Marushin 1:1. a licensed production with all that goes with it. Was first sold as 8mm BB here in Europe by Cybergun. In Germany at SniperAS Shop Then there was the 6mm BB version.

This is the one here. Bought in 2015. This revolver is currently Out Of Stock everywhere. A CO2 variant is to come from Marushin. But I have no news about it. Do you know more? I show you the technical data of the revolver.

The revolver is available in different versions. ABS Plastic Black, Heavy Weight Silver in 6.5 and 8.3 inches and finally in heavy weigt black 6,5 & 8.3 Inch Taurus is a well-known Brazilian weapons manufacturer.

Since 1982 in the USA (Miami) In 1997 the Raging Bull was launched on the market. In many calibers. First in 44. magum. In many calibers. First in 44. magum Then .454 Casull and even in .500 S&W Magnum An absulute revolver with a powerful bang 😀 and it also looks absolutely powerful All original markings are included.

I will go closer. TAURUS on the massive barrel The TAURUS Logo and “Taurus INT Miami USA” Here are the markings from Marushin himself On the grip the TAUUS Logo (Right and left side) And on this barrel side big “RAGING BULL” and 44 Magnum Let’s go even closer and then look at the finish That looks great The revolver is also very massive.

It weighs 1150g. The length at 310mm. There are also beautiful details. Like the barrel opening in the right 44 magnum. The compensator holes to reduce the recoil. The massive heavy barrel also ensures a smooth shot.

ventilated rib to reduze the hot barrel mirage at aiming. Adjustable micro sighting there is also the double cylinder lock like the real steel. Once here this lock. Reminds strongly of a S&W revolver TAURUS and S&W were sister companies for a short time and exchanged technological information.

In addition, the revolver also has a locking mechanism here. To unlock both must be pressed. This is what the cylinder looks like. Nice big holes in the 44 Magnum 😀 the ejector also works. The TAURUS security system was also considered by Marushin Marushin has therefore supplied this key for this purpose.

To lock, turn the key to the right the hammer can no longer be operated Just like the original. To unlock, simply turn the key to the left. The next highlight which Marushin has rebuilt. The red stripe on the grip.

With the real steel it is made of rubber and here only plastic. This should make the revolver lie even better in the hand with the Recoil Now we come to my personal highlight. The cartridge system. The Raging Bull works with these cartridges.

6 pieces are included in delivery. Built from heavy brass and aluminum head This strongly reminds of a .44 Magum cartridge Here in front a 6mm BB comes in. One BB per cartridge. That means 6 shots like the original.

Let’s do it for once. I load the cartridges. and the last Now the revolver is loaded as you know it. Cylinder out and cartridges in You can use it to play Airsoft. But it is too special and cartridges are a bit too complicated.

Charged. Close the cylinder. and the revolver is ready. then I shoot 6 shots once. You can shoot the revolver by cocking the hammer Or Double Action where you only use the trigger. and that was it. 6 shots and now you have to reload everything.

That was the review. Also the box has already turned over 🙂 I turn the box over again and show you. Both lengths and colors can be seen here. That had been my review of the Raging Bull. Now it’s your turn.

What do you think about Airsoft revolver? More something for collectors or also for players? Please write your opinion in the comments. That was it now. Bruce BB2K Airsoft Channel. If you have not subscribed to my channel yet, please click here.

There is another video below. I go swimming now. It is so hot in the apartment. I need to cool down now 🙂 What am I crazy that I made a video today. But I wanted to give you some input again. Stay healthy for me.

Until the next video. See you.


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