Home Airsoft Reviews Marushin COP .357 Short Airsoft Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

Marushin COP .357 Short Airsoft Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

Marushin COP .357 Short Airsoft Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello my name is Bruce and welcome to my channel Have you ever asked which is better as an enema (german: Einlauf) (“Einlauf” is ambiguous in germany! It also can mean ” ein Lauf” or in english ONE BARREL šŸ™‚ hello my name bruce and welcome to my channel .

… concentration! hello my name is Bruce welcome to the bb2k airsoft channel … short break hello my name is Bruce and welcome to my channel Have you ever asked what’s better than one barrel? sure, of course.

two barrel! But what’s better than two barrel? Sure, of course. 4 barrel! 4 Barrel are my topic today. i show you the Marushin COP .357 for all who have not seen my unboxing. Here a quick unboxing of the Marushin COP .

357 pistol the box is very boring when I open the box, you can see a manual. interesting: on the manual is 8mm BB, but I have a 6mm version. the box also includes a pack of BB and of course the COP .357 so it looks Marushin have 4 version: short barrel chrome or black and long barel chrome or black.

i show you now the details. Details means, i come to the bodycheck of the COP .357 Lenght: 140mm Weight: 400g very compact compact is also the name of Airsoft. COP stands for Compact Off-Duty Police I will show you a derringer for compare.

the derringer has a lenght of 125mm and a weight of 200g. you can see the COP is a little bit bigger. but still compact some information about the Real Steel COP .357 Magnum. designed 1983 in the U.S.

from Robert Hilberg The weapon was not a best seller The reasons for this was the excessive caliber (.357 Mag / .38 Spec) for this gun. with .357 Mag, there was a painful hard recoil for the shooter. not a nice experience šŸ™‚ The second reason was the heavy trigger pull.

in this way, no quick and accurate shot are possible. if you wonder. Where Have I Seen this weapon in movies? right. you saw the gun for example in “Matrix Reloaded” or “Bad Boys”. Back to the Bodycheck and the materials of the COP .

357 from Marushin. typical of Japan, the COP is entirely made of plastic. very few metal parts are present. you say, “The Bruce’s crazy, that is metal” NO. It’s really made of plastic. Marushin has created a very nice chrome finish.

it looks and feel very real. Well done Marushin! Highlight of the Marushin COP .357: The Markings! here you see the COP Logo and the name of the company. the caliber .357 Mag and .38 Special on the over side “Marushin – made in japan” and the german “F” the striking of the COP is the 4-barrel system.

you need to pull the rear sight to open the barrel. if you’re a cool guy, there are other ways for you! or if you are very hard guy……. this hurt me pretty šŸ™‚ the COP also has a safety. Is the safety down, you can not pull the trigger but you can open the barrel.

below the grip is the gas valve. I recommend 144a gas to protect the airsoft. back to the barrel. Each barrel has its own hopup unit. the hopup is fixed and can not be adjusted. the function of the airsoft is very interesting.

the system is reminiscent of a revolver cylinder. can you see the red dot? It indicates where the next shot goes out. if i pull the trigger, the red dot move to the next barrel. Can you see it? it is time for the chrono now i chrone the COP with 0,2g Bio BBs, green gas and a room temperature of 20 degrees.

the manufacturer values are 0.6 Joule or 254 FPS. I look forward to my values difficult it will be to hold the barrel right into the chrono. the BB has met the chrono šŸ™‚ next trial … OMG! Fail Another miss šŸ™‚ you see it.

it’s hard to work properly with 4 barrel. wait I try again….. So next trail. i check the red dot… for safety. i show again šŸ™‚ looks good well done the chrono has been a challenge šŸ™‚ With 4 barrel very complicated.

You saw it. the first BBs have burst on the Chrono. to the values: I have managed between 0.5 and 0.6 joule with the COP. I turn now to target shooting. i shot 15 meter away to this A4 size target. i shot 2 times ( 8 rounds) Let’s see what i hit.

OMG, the trigger is really hard to go! Wauh. Now the next 4 shots. so… the second try only four possible šŸ™‚ now to the pro & contra of the Marushin COP .357. i like this chrome finish. It looks so real and make this airsoft a beauty.

the next plus are the Markings on the airsoft like the real steel. Criticism: The Hard trigger pull, but this not really a criticism, because the real steel has also a hard trigger. is the COP a airsoft to play or to collect? very recommended for collectors! for the gamer maybe as a backup for the backup.

if you need a backup for backup for the backup. You give also the marushin derringer a try šŸ™‚ which is Backup 2.0. could not be better šŸ™‚ back to the COP .357. you can buy it from sniper for 129 Euro only in the chrome short version.

Marsuhin has 4 version. The short black and the long black and chrome. There is also a variant 8mm available, but sniper only sells the 6mm version. I’m at the end of my review and my voice. My voice is dry.

Unfortunately no teabags located in the COP šŸ™‚ that was my review of the COP .357 from Marushin. I hope you have fun with this really interesting airsoft. A thank you from me to Marushin. The company builds many airsoft exotics for us.

Marushin has great products. For example the M1 Garand. This airsoft dream is hard to get in germany. the whole revolver: The SAA, the Ruger Blackhawk, the Taurus Raging Bull and so on It would be great if these items also come to Germany! it does not fail on import but on trademark law in Germany ! maybe in the future, the German trademark owner see this emergency and import the fine stuff! I would be happy about it !!! I also would be happy about a Like or Subscribe from you.

and of course when we meet again! I will now load and shoot again……. also the second time hurts a lot!


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