Home Airsoft Reviews Marui H&K MP5 SD6 Airsoft Review (東京マルイ MP5 SD6 レビュー)#218

Marui H&K MP5 SD6 Airsoft Review (東京マルイ MP5 SD6 レビュー)#218

Marui H&K MP5 SD6 Airsoft Review (東京マルイ MP5 SD6 レビュー)#218

TOKYO MARUI H&K MP6SD6 . AEG . Age 18 years of age or older. 26,800yen 609mm About 500mm. 2000g. Use Mini-S battery. 50Round magazine. Reproduced what seals are using Silencer I will be removed. Froint sight is fixed and made by metal.

Sling mounting holes Charging handle Movable. This lever can adjust hop-up. Surface is resin Ejection port is dummy. TokyoMarui Engraved mark 9mmx19 Engraved mark Sling mounting bracket unlock at this lever.

Stock position 3position. looseness Fixed front sight. Adjustable rear sight. 4 position. Sight picture. Selector. I can be operated with the thumb. High operability There is click feeling A little heavy movement Press this lever to drop the magazine.

Magazine drop its own weight. This button is I am hard pressed. easy to use by lightly Large handguard. Easy to Aim. Low stiffness Normally no problem It appears to be bent a little Not sound even squeezing.

I will show you how to connect the battery. Remove this. Hand guard can move forward. set the battery Connect the battery. Easy to set battery. Handgard move back. Done Easy to chage the battery. Easy access.

Trigger pull light trigger. little haevy , then fire. muzzle velocity. I shoot Round about of steel challenge. sorry head camera is not recoreded. Steel Challenge is a competition to compete speed shoot five target.

I shoot it to the last In lightly in large percentage, it was easy to swing. Shoot easy because a larger hole Stock of ye do not mind. I was poised firmly. It might be when you hold strongly. I there is no problem because there is no need to not squeezed.

Shoot bullseye of APS CUP Use this target at APS CUP bullseye event. Black filled circle is 22mm , Large circle is 5cm. 50mm grouping is good. Before shoot bullseye , I shoot shilette target. To check the impact point.

silhouette is use at APS CUP. it is 3x3cm. Impact point is left than aim. Shoot bullseye. Switch to smaller peep hole, easy to aim small target. Whether hit is another. I will peel off the paper above.

about 4cm. High accuracy Sight is nice , but difficult . Use scope to more good accuracy. Good trigger pull. MP5SD6 good and bad . Light weight. It is possible to shoot easily. Is less of a burden because light at wargame .

Lighter because rigidity is low I have MP5Sd5 , i like it. I like light weight gun. Please let me know at comment about using mp5 episode. MP5SD6 review Thank you for watching!


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