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Marines apply military training to airsoft battles

Marines apply military training to airsoft battles

“I think what brings us together as Marines, we train for this on a daily basis but when you put it into terms like doing it with other people and having a little bit of the training kick in and going out and shooting each other, it definitely brings you together.

It’s like ‘wow, this is what we do in real life.’ Just the maneuvering, the way you go about doing things. The Marines that were doing it today, already know what to do tactically and mentally.” “This was an MAG-12 N-C-O guild function.

We like to put together events for not just N-C-O’s but also for our junior Marines We all take care of our own with our own fundraising that we do amongst ourselves. Today, we decided to come on out with an airsoft function and pretty much everybody just getting experience with actually building that comradery amongst each other while you got that added stress.

This sport can definitely make you better as a Marine just at the simple fact that there’s stress behind it. Stress amongst other folks can definitely build teamwork. You guys can grow from that and learn from mistakes.

And as we even keep on playing, round after round after round, you start to see little differences here and there. People making suggestions and then you just get better from that. “Airsoft helps a lot to make you a better person with teamwork as well as just even your physical coordination.

You’re running around, dodging behind doors, you’re learning how to maneuver better. It’s not sitting on a sofa you’re actually up and moving, breaking a sweat.” “Definitely would do this again.

Definitely would like to see a lot more people come out and do this sort of stuff. It’s definitely a fun hobby to get into instead of just sitting in the barracks all day. You meet new people and you meet more Marines and you’re getting more experience from the older ones.

Just come out and have a blast with everyone.”


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