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Mac11 spring airsoft review.

Mac11 spring airsoft review.

two bits a next showman with another airsoft gun review this time on the mac-11 spring air soft pistol thing so I’m gonna start off from the bottom I did in my last review it’s a pretty big clip I think I said it holds 2025 Lois I just looks pretty thick but it doesn’t hold a lot um this little thing over here you bring it down clicks into place and then it’s just this little button here and gonna go straight up to there so then there’s the button press which makes it click go out alright and then there’s some trigger and there’s a safety so this this way is safe that way I mean no this way is safe that’s okay and then there’s this stock it’s not very helpful or anything but it’s kind of there just with a mac-11 you know and there’s also a kind of it’s like little cop it back tough to cut back makes a really weird noise when it shoots there’s also sites and there’s a detachable suppressor yeah so there’s that yeah it’s pretty much it’s really cheap plastic wouldn’t recommend getting it I’m not really worth the 20 bucks I got yeah so it’s pretty much it I don’t really use this gun at all yeah all right it’s really cheap plastic it actually it I think it looks cooler without the suppressor I think that it kind of looks like a mini Uzi or something just really quick all right let’s bring much it I don’t know this is just making all videos for all my airsoft guns they’re not really this one isn’t good whatsoever so yeah


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