General sponsor “Planet of airsoft” “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel Today we take a look at the compact CQB rifle from King Arms We noticed it as soon as it appeared On which we eyed hungrily at IWA 2019 And which we got for practical tests Specifically, this rifle came to us directly from King Arms The guys from AW TACTICAL helped us with the delivery, for which many thanks to them The link is in description Now they have the whole line of SBR from King Arms So if you like this rifle, like us You will know where it is As for the combat prototype In general, in the world of firearms, there are machine guns on AR platform base With MP-5 magazines But specifically this model we couldn’t find So if you have any information, pls write in the comments We chose the model with M-LOK handguard, without a muffler and with magazines from MP5 As the lightest and most compact Moreover, we already had an idea in our head Which external body kit we put on it To make an ideal rifles, as for our sight, for CQB or playing light handed The barrel and M-LOK handguard are made of aluminium alloy Upper and lower receiver are made of nylon fiber Answering for the logical question No, it does not bend I tried with addiction It does not bend The weight is only 2 kg Which makes it very manoeuvrable for any active scripts And where maximum lightweight equipment is required Handgrip and buttstock are made of nylon fiber The slide is made of aluminium alloy The buttstock design made me very happy Firstly, the buttstock has a very convenient length adjustment Locking occurs with the help of a button Which, if desired, can be reached with the thumb Of the same hand with which you hold the rifle Secondly, buttstock just has a huge adjustment range If necessary, it can be very compact Or long enough for users of large stature And the main, there is the huge place for the battery in the buttstock We supplied a 7.

4 V battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh There is the Mini Tamiya connector in base We immediately changed it to a connector XT30 Now we use this connectors in all our rifles The trigger is straight With a relief and a hook on the end To prevent your sweating fingers from sliding off it The switch of fire modes as in rifles of the M4 series with a very clear rate There is not backlash Magazine unlock button is increased And located on the right side of the receiver In addition to the standard magazine unlock button, like the M4 series rifles There is a magazine unlock lever like the MP5 And it turned out to be a very convenient thing With it, you can easily unlock the magazine with both left and right hands It is equally convenient to do this and doesn’t require any special skill Choosing a model with magazines for MP5 Recalling the experience of playing with MP5 I had some skepticism about the convenience of adjoining a magazines at speed The place for the magazine at MP5 is quite small And it’s not always convenient to get into it by a magazine There is small bevel in SBR Which greatly simplifies the adjoining Getting into the place for magazines is no more difficult than the M4 series magazines Included with the rifle was a plastic mechanical magazine Which is about 1 mm narrower than standard CYMA magazines from MP5 And half a millimeter of direct CYMA magazines for MP5 If you want to use CYMA magazines You may need to remove the traces of the casting in the place for magazine And grind the latch of a magazine We did just that The handle has the ability to adjust the volume using interchangeable pads Included with the rifle were two extra pads So you can adjust it for yourself There is a protrusion on the front of the handle I personally don’t like it wildly Because it constantly rests on the finger But it can also be removed using the front interchangeable pad True, for this I had to remove the handle Standard M4 hop-up Access to the adjustment can be obtained by pulling the charging handle There is standard M4 gearbox 2 with a little changes inside The changes are in the hole for quick spring change And the place for the electronic key In my sample, the assembly was not the most accurate And there is the metal shavings inside the gearbox With which the gears scratched the walls of the gearbox I hope hat only I got this sample The spring is steel, most likely M90 Spring guide is made of aluminum alloy Aluminum cylinder 2/3 of the volume The head of cylinder is plastic With one o-ring Plastic piston with one steel tooth Piston head plastic, ventilated, with one o-ring Plastic tappet Gears is steel, with tappet retarder Standard contact group Basic motor, most likely speed The case looks good enough, it is made of nylon Standard plastic hop-up, with the standard adjustment wheel Plastic yoke with standard place for the press The press is usual of rubber tube The hop-up rubber is usual The barrel is made of brass with narrow, poorly crafted window In general, the basic hop-up even copes with a spin of 0,3 BBs But unfortunately, the basic hop-up doesn’t hold the adjustment well and fails when shooting And the BBs spin isn’t the best So that we’re planning to install the good barrel, with the big window The good rubber with press And the rotary hop-up The base rifle shows 100 m/s (0,2 gr BBs) in chron For using the heavy BBs It needs to tune for 120 m/s The base rate of fire is 800 shots/min (on 7.

4 V battery) To increase the rate of fire without losing battery capacity You can put a good high-speed motor Several words about the external kit, which I installed on this rifle Firstly I put off all the extra external RIS-bars So that they don’t hamper with holding the rifle comfortably Instead of the standard plastic flame arrestor I installed the compact tracer nozzle Lighter S from AceTech Playing CQB with tracer nozzle once, you won’t want to play again without it These tracer nozzles with thread 14- can be bought in the shop “Babahi” The link is in the description Instead of mechanical sights I installed replica T1 collimator on the high base So in case I will put a zoom camera on the rifle It doesn’t hamper with aiming There is no problems to find these collimators on AliExpress A couple of links I left in the description For playing in buildings with dark areas I installed a lantern InForce WML replica on the upper RIS-bar of the handguard Such a lantern takes up a little space and it is convenient to turn it on while holding a rifle Both right and left hands So as it stands in the center, there won’t be problems with the angles In principle, nothing is required for a full game As always I suggest you to discuss this video in the comments Follow the links in the description Subscribe the channel, put you confident thumbs up See you soon!


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