Home Airsoft Loadouts M4/M16-TRANSPARENT-MAGAZIN_Airsoft “kleine Dinge”_Waldland Airsoft

M4/M16-TRANSPARENT-MAGAZIN_Airsoft “kleine Dinge”_Waldland Airsoft

M4/M16-TRANSPARENT-MAGAZIN_Airsoft “kleine Dinge”_Waldland Airsoft

Hello and warm welcome dear Airsoft friends woodland airsoft here and today with a new episode Airsoft “little things” I brought you something small again today a few magazines. The M4 / M16 magazines from “Ares” A midcap magazine with 140 rounds This is available in a 5-pack for 44.

95 euros So a magazine costs about 9 euros I personally do not find too much The whole thing is available from “Airsoft 2Go The nice thing is that these magazines are transparent. I have a small speed loader here and fill the magazine once.

Let’s take a closer look at that. I did not fill it completely because there are not enough balls in the speed loader. 30 60,70,90 You have an indicator here to see how many balls there are. That’s really cool It makes a difference So folks, it was with the episode Airsoft “Little Things” from “Waldland Airsoft” I would be happy if you would subscribe to my channel maybe you leave a pause or comment on the video Until next time.



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