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Subtitles available in English Welcome AIRSOFT REVIEW Today you will be able to discover a brand product Tippmann SHOOTGAME transmitted by our partner. This is the M4 Carbine CO2 HPA We really wanted to test this product from the Paintball technology and arriving booming HPA products on the market for some months now The replica will be delivered with two covered bodies, a black polymer flame cache, a bag containing mounting keys, 5 small Picatinny rails with their screws two maintenance grease tubes and HPA tip and a user guide, a loader 80 BBS CO2, and removal of the tool very useful replica What is new this replica: This is the first of its kind to offer standard CO2 operating modes as well as HPA and this with a blowback operation Recoil shock bluffing Now for external features: M4 is tippman ABS compound and metal, it makes a weight of 2500 grams and measuring of 743-838 mm butt unfolded Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a flame cover counterclockwise polymer 14 mm that will be provided in black for the European market An external barrel 340 mm metal topped with a RIS polymer 180 mm with 4 Picatinny rails removed and replaced with smaller models supplied in the package and a tether strap Two M-BUS type sighting system removable and adjustable Then the Upper receiver equipped with a Picatinny rail metal and its cartridge ejection hatch providing access to hopup adjustment and functional cocking lever that allows you to engage your first BBS The Lower Receiver also of good quality metal and receiving Tippmann prints and a unique serial number.

Then his bolt catch metal, its fire selector his charger eject button, His pistol trigger and type of polymer handle welcoming the location of the HPA connection Its metal stock tube receiving tether strap and adjustable butt polymer Then finished his 80 BBS polymer charger equipped with a CO2 cartridge slot Now for the internal characteristics: This replica is very easily removable either for maintenance but also for the power settings, speed and trajectory But the big advantage of the M4 Tippmann is being able to operate in CO2 or HPA fashion while changing very little room in a very fast time We invite you to discover all this video For internal, the internal diameter of the barrel is 363 mm 6.

06 identical to the traditional canon but AEG mounted on a hopup BLOCK designed by Tippmann A recoil shock mounted in the butt really impressive Tube, see it in slow motion and real speed. The design of the internal mechanics is really clean either the hammer to the supply and return valves on a sense of quality and strength The big difference between this product and other product HPA market, it is no type of ninja adjustable regulator on the bottle but only a simple MAMBA Paintball The replica is capable of supporting the overall pressure internally bottle of proving its strength One of the other big advantage is the compatibility of chargers Type M4 at the HPA mode transfer which is not possible when mounting CO2 only compatible with shippers Tippmann Tippmann offers a user manual in English allowing you to have full details of operation of this product and this mainly for setting hopup, Cadence (adjustable from 8-15 BBS seconds) and power (adjustable from 300 to 400 FPS) that for the last 2 settings remain fairly sharp We’ll go to different tests and this in two stages, the first series of CO2 based test and the second series in HPA mode after a quick change of parts enabling the connection of our bottle by removing the valve perforation of Co2 cartridge So given the recoil shock important enough this can greatly affected the accuracy of your shot because it is very pronounced Now to test balls Chrony 0.

20 CO2 mode, the replica has a possibility to power 300 to 400 FPS, but we set it at about 350 FPS and a rate approaching reality test 10 meters 0.20 gr / co2 the test is successful and provides good accuracy whether in semi or full test 25 meters 0.

20 gr / co2 the test is successful at this distance test 30 meters 0.25 gr / co2 the co2 cartridge is completely empty test 30 meters 0.20 gr / HPA that can be seen with respect to the same distance that the CO2, 0.

20 weight reached 30 meters test 35 metres 0.20 +0.25 gr / HPA we pass the test by 0.20 gr 0.20 gr in it hits the target but it was a big concern for accuracy we will test 0.25 in weight will be tested in full but we’ll have BBS dispersion problems because of the sizeable RECOIL SHOCK BBS affect both the target, the result is greater than the 0.

25 0.20 weight with this replica at that distance, even if it is low enough to reach. It will choose the correct weight and change the inner barrel test 40 meters 0.25 / HPA co2 shooting mode will allow 30-35 meters max mium in 0.

20-0.25, a large power loss due to the CO2 cartridge and the HPA solution provides better performance by reaching 40 meters, but getting precision results really low. So see to change the inner barrel for accuracy after up to you to increase in-house power for player against sniper and reach higher distances.

Let Negative and positive points: Negative: RIS polymer although it is of good quality. A flame also hides polymer. An incomplete use of the CO2 cartridge after pulling all of the charger BBS, causing a release of CO2 during the disengagement of the charger The noise of the recoil spring shock rather unpleasant but potentially modifiable for a more discreet sound A little too sharp adjustments to the rate of fire that can block some beginners positive: A usable fashion replica CO2 or HPA box output.

The lack of use of a kind NINJA adjustable regulator on the bottle but only a MAMBA A really impressive recoil shock to rival some GBBR. A simple internal mechanical maintenance, dismantled quickly and very good fastness An internal cannon compatibility with those of AEG and a lack of electronic module settings for removing the wearing of a battery The provision of target organs and the little findable disassembly key in the package but very useful for dismantling the stock tube or outer barrel Overall, this is very nice whether at a quality price, count for only 499 euro or 549 euro replica kit with bottle and Mamba It will probably delight the players from the GBBR or AEG HPA offered to the different possibilities of this replica Here is the review of the M4 Carbine Tippmann and sent home by our partner SHOOTGAME complete.

You can find this product directly on our partner site for single or pack Version The SHOOTGAME team will be happy to inform you about their various products available and I can guarantee you a warm welcome and professional Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video We hope that this new review you enjoyed, please share this video and leave a small green thumb Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and Facebook page and get the latest news! We count on you! See you very soon BYE BYE


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