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M4 airsoft review

M4 airsoft review

aight statue 665 321 um this is my m4 airsoft review and this is my m4 this is a flashlight I taped on her night playing into wonderful it’s pretty cool that’s good this is the grip came with the what’s called um came with the gun i had a red dot sight on there but i don’t know how the friggin a this happens someone shot the screen i guess and it broke off or the screen broke shattered everywhere and i can use it anymore iron sights and you can unscrew them with these little bolt looking thing this is long range the short one or the small one is long range going wrong way that is short range this holds 300 rounds a little button back here this you push it and it comes out the battery it’s the standard one I got with it done it weighs like to put i’d say like a hot one and a half pounds 22 pounds you put it in here and take that off and tip it on that goes the stick things go back on there we go this sling holder I broke off playing one day guess I jerked a little bit too much and it broke off ah thing yeah this is the hot pull it back that flips open the gears are you move this this way to move it up and that that way to move it down and I use hop up so I have it up that way about milking I’m pointing a little down so if it were to swoop up it would hit them at least probably in their chest if not their chin and all I’ll screw you you’re on the other team and okay yeah this is wound up clip it the safety or the soul fire selector safe semi-auto that’s pretty good rate of fire I think I got it off of airsplat com I don’t know if I told you this already I like evike airport and what’s the name shorty USA it shoots 350 to 400 FPS shoots pretty dang far and fast to give you that it is pretty much all hard plastic except a little sling holders trigger in the barrel it’s pretty much it this pistol grip yeah that’s a pretty much it sides orange tip thinking about camouflage in it get new stuff for it and it’s a really good gun it’s great I use it all the time its my primary weapon and thank you should buy see you


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