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M4 Airsoft Review And Shooting Test.

M4 Airsoft Review And Shooting Test.

hey guys the public commander for here and today I have a special guest with me it is my cousin Carson or most commonly known as Lego menial 8 so go check out his channel we got a couple gun reviews hey guys welcome here today we’re going to show our view on my automatic and semi-automatic and for pretty nice gone and go 300 FPS about it has non removable stock and has about five rails there comes with an iron site premiere here but I took it off climb or aiming site and to take out the clip simply just press this button and this holds a couple hundred bb’s in it so we’re gonna have to load it just feed it through sometimes shake it to get the bullets in and now we’re just pretty much going to do over you are shooting on semi and auto okay we’re just going to get the battery in oh hold on just the stuff let them be human doll right heel down there yes my right field I bet you can’t see it that far I’ll show you what yeah you guys later well first we’re going to do semi-automatic or semi let’s go okay now we’re going to do our he’s going to do fully automatic now so probably get back a little bit it’s us so look at the results wow I built this right shield to be very hard to break through it looks like hell so that’s an ass son looks like there are some dents illness but whatsoever looks like blonde and penetrated through so it is a very powerful but you have to also think it looks pretty thick you know so yeah yeah if you guys want to buy this I’m for automatic just go to walmart it’s like 80 bucks pretty cheap for 300 FPS and yeah okay well we’re going to be making a lego based video my face has changed quite a bit since you guys putting em yes left feeling so um yeah so thank you guys for watching go check out Lego mania 8 channel and by


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