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Luneta 4×32 – ROSSI (Airsoft Review e Teste BR)

Luneta 4×32 – ROSSI (Airsoft Review e Teste BR)

and then hi hi guys that like bringing to you are reviewing the 4 by 32 telescopic sight of the Rossi brand so come with me check if the details of those who accompany two support rings with fixing on 11mm rails to install just use the bottom screws to fix the rail ring and the screws located in the upper region to hold the scope if you fixed magnitude four times and your duplex reticle in this brief comparison gives you an idea of how it is to see through it the vertical anointing adjustments are arranged in the side of the top to access people that the protective cover and with some tool rotates adjustment until you find a good result according to your equipment finished adjustment just replace the cover also accompanies the pair of covers that because they are transparent allows the scope to be used even with them placed however however it will nevertheless highlight that the vision harvesting turbo turns yellow since one of the caps is colored and and the telescope together with the mounts and protective caps weighs approximately 380g the entire structure of the telescope and its hands are entirely made of only metal protective covers that are plastic the set is approximately 29 cm and a half in length 5.

7 in height and 5.5 wide installed on the equipment the distance from the top of the rail to the center of the lens is 2 cm and both the objective lens and the necklace measure 32mm is it and your packaging bella veneto two support rings are on protective caps and the manual is how much material it composes while its construction is of excellent quality only protective covers that are very simple despite good quality are a very simple spotting scope for water officials as it doesn’t have the judy parallax adjustable voltage the same luminous lattice has only the basics of the basics what airsoft people have to keep in mind is that the furniture included will not fit on your equipment since normally children of airsoft they are usually 22 millimeters so be prepared to get some rail adapter or replace support for some other just the ring 25 mm in diameter is the telescope will do but before the afternoon the new support or something like that you have to analyze the space available on your equipment because depending on the model girls can be an obstacle requiring support taller the formed image is great the enlarged scene without compromising the quality or sharpness of the alcohol in other words if the brightness is enough for you with your eye water is not for you to be able to see the image through the scope with ease but if by chance something is too dark it can happen the black of the image mixes with black reticle and then ends up confusing the view a little still on the image we saw how the vision turns yellow when the protective covers are in place colorful prints are very common even more this color and there are people who like and see benefits but then each one you try and see how the best for you when installing make sure the screws are very tight and especially the ones that fix the trylle scope and protect your lenses especially if you’re going to use it for games it’s a scope that does what should I do even without functionality or more sophisticated adjustments despite has a great quality both in its construction and finish and in the images formed by your socks unfortunately the support is not 22 millimeters and measurements have to be taken so that airsoft can be installed but if you do and today and have a spacious track several strength because you will certainly take advantage lets be just one and there


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