Home Airsoft Cheaters LONGEST SHOT EVER – Dry riverbed gameplay (2/2)

LONGEST SHOT EVER – Dry riverbed gameplay (2/2)

LONGEST SHOT EVER – Dry riverbed gameplay (2/2)

How’s that going? I’m Bull Sniper, welcome to the 2nd part of this game in the bed of a dry river If you want to see the 1st part you just have to go to the link of the video description and take a look at it As you will see, in the first shot the wind is deflecting my ball to the right so I’ll try to correct it on the second shot For this game I have changed the patch on my R-Hop so I can take shots at an amazing distance Today I am using the Tokyo Marui camera so it is very easy to adjust it from outside Better Shot piece .

.. let’s take a look from the sky … This distance was measured by Google Earth and is by far the furthest shot I have ever made. The enemies have retreated to the dry river valley but before attacking we have to heal the comrades Enough of the joke, let’s go to the mess That hurt .

.. just the ear After a break we went to respawn and now we are attacking the enemy base As always, thank you very much for watching it and if you like what you see, !! See you in the next video !!


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