Home Airsoft Reviews Lonex L4 FM SR BAW Airsoft Review | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Lonex L4 FM SR BAW Airsoft Review | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Lonex L4 FM SR BAW Airsoft Review | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Bruce here BB2k Airsoft Channel. Do you see my trembling hand? Today it is about drug problems and how to eliminate it. today it is about the nicotine patch for the GAS JUNKIE (like me) i show you the LONEX L4 BAW.

A electric Airsoft with a recoil like a GBB. If that is true. Then the time of the “cold turkey” is over for GBB Players in the winter. I’m looking forward to this nicotine patch. I wish you much fun.

Thanks to BEGADI for this Lonex L4. I show you now the contents of the package. The airsoft comes in a simple black packaging without illustration and logos. Go to content: the airsoft itself, a magaziine, foregrip, 2 railcover, cleaning rod, safety cap and a manual thanks to the BAW System (Blowback Adaptive Weapon) the airsoft has a good recoil and sound.

I’ll show you an animation of the Lonex BAW System the kick is nice but not so hard like a VFC HK717 GBB. but is is better than other Blowback systems. The sound is crisp and loud. too loud for me. it’s OK but I realize that is a electric sound The shop BEGADI offers you a wide selection of Lonex M4 / M16.

Fullmetal, plastic, black, tan, blue with BAW and without. the selling price is between 270 and 450 Euro. I put the productlinks in the video description for you. Now to the bodycheck.The Airsoft is hard and solid.

The weight comes from the metal parts It is made entirely of metal (aluminium) excluding stock, grip and foregrip (plastic) the paint is cleanly processed. I like the matte black finish. The Airsoft acts stable.

Nothing wobbles or feels loose. please look at the screen data.. manufacturer values:430 FPS / 1.70 Joule. i shoot six times with 0,2g BB that was the chrono. Now I will show you the Lonex L4 SR more closely.

The flashhider can be removed and be exchanged for silencers or other flashhider The foregrip is included in delivery.the grip loosens quickly. Caution danger of breaking the receiver is made of aluminium.

if you want more information about the gearbox please check the video from GSP Airsoft. to adjust the hopup you must pull the charging handle. With the wheel you can know adjust the hopup


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