Home Airsoft Loadouts Loadout – ACU ( Portugues+English subtitles)

Loadout – ACU ( Portugues+English subtitles)

Loadout –  ACU  ( Portugues+English subtitles)

Hi airsoft players this is Ricardo Reis from Elite Airsoft Today i make a video review about my ACU loadout Let s start Mich 2000 helmet Fg made by fiber glass My brazilian flag patch Nvg mount Rhino Rg ggogles My E01 Callsign Ms2000 strobe light Massif Acu Combat Shirt Proper Acu pants Tmc Sawtooth boots Tokyo Marui Scar-L next generation with blowback Tokyo Marui grip Tokyo Marui silencer tracer Hi cap mag Tan custom paint Inforce light with strobe Tmc 6094 Rg Triple M4 mag pouch Sling Sharpie Pen Cyalime 3 m4 mags Tmc handcuff Side medic pouch Oakley pilot gloves tan Nothing on back panel But i m going to put a map backpack soon Now lets try others styles To see how gonna look My other E01 ir patch Lets change the helmet Now is a ops core ballistic ACU replica Looks more modern Ms2000 in the top Back nothing on Look different Who choose acu loadout buy everything in acu i prefer make different with Rg vest Because i can use Rg vest on others loadouts like multicam Let s change again Now i using a ACU ballaclava Now a Tmc 6094 khaki with Mich 2001 helmet in tan made by fiberglass Now with Od Condor MOPC vest Od shemagh Acu Helmet Another combination That s it guys, i hope u guys like that Some combinations u can use with Acu If u like click on like button, subcribe too Thank for watching Bye


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