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Lighting up a cheater

Lighting up a cheater

all right hey hey you guys oh yeah three right at three three two one [ __ ] cheater dude I let that guy off so many times in the head where is it it’s right there now it’s in the middle you dry fire you yes watch out watch out if I got a hope there you go whatever oh hey look at this cheer what the hell you’re gonna tell me none of those hit you he’s on one dispenser babe I hit him so many times that’s not even 200 feet Wow [ __ ] cheaters I know I’m pretty sure because this gun has raced through the 50 here I’m a hole [ __ ] I’m not gonna do alright guys have good as major Thunder you like on me put that bag on my face watch your [ __ ] back I want [ __ ] [ __ ] babe get down home um I miss right well Freddie’s girlfriend yeah we’re finally I missed anyways well good thing if you want to go to the window to go to this one is calculus go little fib Oh an early week I’ll tear you through well I’m gonna get shot by the time we get out that’s all be covering you in Kearney there Stefan Stefan right now no no no we can’t the enemy sword everything they’re something they’re a little cheaters do it yeah I know my gun shoot step 4 aw Jesus [ __ ] yeah it’s in that box you had to internment good show go kill [ __ ] still lay down the guest you see that guy right here Lucas don’t let him up you see his head yeah watch your back watch your back oh yeah you’re clear to move you appear to move he’s up hey ref Q check that guy in the grass whoa he’s not even 200 feet away Jake she’s not getting it all did you cross him he’s right there everybody getting is getting hey this is a guy right-hander guys you know where he’s that right yeah me I go finally you know no yeah I don’t move out step pink well yeah good I’m checking first wishing with to be told right yeah I think that’s a friendly right there moving up oh yeah good you’re not even gonna shot it yeah yeah yeah all your round for following truck okay you weren’t you weren’t getting close okay so how do you think you from then when you raced it up together okay hard like 1d what a me make wrong oh [ __ ] [ __ ] me yeah let’s go her move out all goes on do you know if you’re stepping stepping in the press I got do just before the kitchen channel make sure there’s no enemies yeah victory good move deep here we have for anything with you buy a truck come on did you straight out rifle saw by force up rifles up and I’m full not oh watch out for this mud yeah is that enemy okay hey is that our friendly or not enemy enemy enemy song o’clock 2 o’clock down the road behind that truck baby get ready


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