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Les Highlanders (Airsoft)

Les Highlanders (Airsoft)

Okay, let me know when something happens. Weren’t you just hit? Nah, I told you there’s no one here, what do you want me to be hit with. Plus we’re behind a pallet. Fuck, there’s no one… But then again, how could we be hit, we’re behind the pallet.

Alright. Highlanders, let’s go. Let’s start with a short flashback. Highlander is an action movie in which there are two categories of humans: Ordinary people, and immortals. As you’ll have guessed, the main character is an immortal.

The movie is about Connor McLeod, an immortal from the Highlands in Scotland, Who has been decapitating other immortals since the Middle Ages In order to win the Prize. The second volume is even more surprising; In it, we learn that the Prize offers the possibility to grow old and die.

Oh, I got it, here, listen. He kills all of the immortals, So that he’s able to die ! Oh my, that idea’s quite original And yet I watch a lot of TV films. Oh, it’s a movie? So, how does it relate to Airsoft? Well, it’s impossible in Airsoft to verify that you’ve been hit by a pellet, Since they leave no mark.

Thus, everything stand on other players’ fair play, Since they’ll have to declare themselves “out”, Which means “out of the game”. Sometimes, some Airsoft players never declare themselves “out”, Even though they know they’ve been hit.

Those are the ones that are called “highlanders”; Their dishonesty grants them immortality. Don’t laugh, it can be an actual condition. Hello Maurice, I am Pr. Ipak, And I’m going to help you overcome a small problem that you seem to have when you play Airsoft.

Repeat after me the following word, O-U-T, out. – Alright? – A…aaaa… ouuuu.. Okay, so try this, raise your hand, yes, like this… No, I can’t do it, I can’t do it, it’s too hard, it’s too hard.

I think I’ll have to prescribe you some pills. Sadly, yes, you may encounter this sort of behavior when playing airsoft. The big question is : okay, but what do we do when that happens ? A highlander in my game? I doubt it.

Let’s see. What’s his name, Stephen? Stephen Cheater, that’s it, right. Nah, he paid up. I’m sorry, but he payed up earlier, And he even used cash, so there’s nothing I can do. Told you, there’s no highlanders in my games.

Alright, see ya! WHAT TO DO? The first thing to do when you think you’ve found a highlander, Is to question yourself. Indeed, how many of you are always certain of themselves ? Fuck ! Fuck, did you see that highlander ? No fucking way… I can’t believe it.

You’ve seen it too, right ? You know I’ve got him. My replica’s worth 800 bucks, there’s no way I didn’t hit. Even my pants are historical for christ’s sake. But honestly, we’re playing with launchers that aren’t always in the best shape, Which shoots out small plastic pellets of 6mm diameter, Which deviate from their trajectory at the first gust of wind or twig in their path.

You realize that this isn’t exactly high-precision equipment, don’t you? Let’s say you’re a 100% sure to have hit your opponent. The question to ask next is, “are you sure he felt it?” There are many reasons that a person does not feel a bbs Sorry, sorry, it’s just that I thought it was a branch, ‘Cause, you know, I just ran and everything… You hit me in the back ? You’re lying aren’t you ? Okay, fine! How’s that ? You just hit me ? Are you quite sure, sir ? Forgive me then, I thought it was Patrick’s hand, telling me to go.

Indeed, they didn’t declare themselves “out”. In that case, I simply suggest that you tell them “Hey, I think I got you”. Okay, sure no problem, I’m out, Anyway I did it on purpose, I’ve got a phone call to make.

Alright, we’ll I’ll just go and take off some layers. No hard feelings, let’s shake hands. When in doubt, the player will probably declare himself “out”, Unless he’s seen your pellets hit the ground 5 meter away.

He’ll tell you that you’re mistaken and that maybe you take yourself too seriously. You’ll then need to trust him and not to dwell on the subject for too long. Let’s get to the final scenario.

You hit your opponent, there’s absolutely no doubt, Both for you and him, kind of like in the following situation : This is a highlander. A true one. Personally, I’ve only seen one or two in my career of Airsoft player.

In that case, it’s simple, don’t do anything for the moment. There’s nothing worse for other players to hear two people Get into an argument about some pellets. Once the game is over, tell him nicely that you’re certain to have hit him.

Obviously, he’ll deny it, don’t get your hopes up. But he’ll know that you know that he’s cheating, and maybe he’ll stop. If he does it again, tell the organizers, Who will give him a final warning before banning him from the game, And even from future ones if he cheats again.

Okay, you’re the highlander? Yeah? You know who I am? Good. Final warning then. Okay. I haven’t seen anything. We don’t know each other. Alright, have fun! Wait, you’re joking, right? Don’t tell me that guy ain’t going to jail? Don’t worry, highlanders always end up letting their mask fall.

Everyone in the team knew I was a highlander and no one said anything, Because I was best friends with the association’s president, I tried to commit suicide with my replica, The 6mm pellets bounced back and landed at my neighbor’s, she pressed charges, I’ve been in trial for 6 months, I don’t know what do to… Can you shut it down please… Indeed, in a case like this, your whole team is gonna be considered as highlanders.

So, be honest, talk to him about it, And don’t fire him on the spot or he’ll get in another team Where he’ll cheat all the more since he’ll be pissed to have been cast out. Try to show him your vision of Airsoft, What the point of being fair play is, And what the perks of not playing for competition and performance are.

Let’s get to the tips. My tips First, I recommend that you select the games in which you want to play. Indeed, a game organized by an association with a minimum of rules to follow And a mandatory chronograph test will often attract more honest and respectful players Than a half-assed game in Maurice’s garden.

My second tip would be to store your high-powered “special highlander” replica if you have one. Shooting at him with more powerful replicas won’t change anything, Since he would still deny even with a pellet mark between his eyes.

At best, you’ll be considered as a dumb asshat, And at worst you might get banned from the game for illegal replica and wounding shot. Gotta go now, I got some other movies to watch. Please share your highlander stories in the comments below the video, Remember that you can find Gear Locker news on our Facebook page, Ou en vous abonnant à la newsletter sur le site internet.

See you soon! Oh, I forgot, even if all highlanders are cheaters, That doesn’t mean that all cheaters are highlanders. Sadly. Fuck, we’re never gonna win, there’s a dude hiding behind that tree.

Oh shit. We gotta win ! Wait, don’t worry, I’ve got a nice little technique, I got it back from the States, you’ll see. Come on, highlander ! Fuck, you won’t even declare yourself out, that’s not fair play! Watch, it works everytime.

Guys, guys ! I didn’t cheat ! Huh, I didn’t feel it, but I trust you, I’m not a highlander, really ! Nice shot! Yeah, that’s better! Yeah, that’s pretty good. Okay, well, let’s get to the next one.


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