Home Airsoft Reviews LCT M60 VN Steel Edition Airsoft Review Deutsch (English Subtitle)

LCT M60 VN Steel Edition Airsoft Review Deutsch (English Subtitle)

LCT M60 VN Steel Edition Airsoft Review Deutsch (English Subtitle)

Bruce gets a little bit crazy 🙂 This is not a real steel M60 but you might think it! The Look, the weight and the quality… OMG! Today i show you the LCT M60 Airsoft MG. Have fun Yes Bruce here…hello.

You don’t see me because I am behind of the cardbox from the LCT M60 VN. The carton separates me from you 😀 I will change now. I’ll show you the Scope of supply You can see me now. Hello once again and thank you for watching.

Tody i show you the LCT M60. Did i say that before… oh yes!!! Many times 🙂 A big thanks for the company SNIPER.AS. They gave me this monster for a review. The Price for the LCT: 1.600 Euro!!!! I hope i can answer today the question: Is it worth?! My feeling tells me: Oh yes it is.

You see my smile. I am very happy to have it here. we are at the very beginning so back to topic! Scope of supply it looks modest. You get the M60, a boxmagazine (1500 rounds), a catalog from 2016, a manual and a little bag with two screws.

i hope the screws are only spare parts and not missing in the M60 😉 That was the scope of supply from the LCT M60 VN Before i start with the airsoft. Some words to the real steel M60. In the late 1940s, the US began to delelope a new MG It was partly derived from German guns FG 42 and the MG 42 The first try was the T-44.

90% FG42 and 10% MG42. What a crazy mix! The next step in the evolution was the T52 then the T161 and finaly 1957 the M60 MG The M60 comes in different variants. it can be mounted on vehicles, helicopters, boats and Tripots The U.

S. Navy use a short and lightweight variant of the M60. The E3, E4 or MK43. That has a frontgrip, a shorter barrel and a lightweight bipod. In the 80th, the Army began to replace the M60 partially throught the M249.

That was more lighter and compact. It also use the nato caliber 5.56mm That was the history of the gun. Finally a few data from the M60. Now to the Bodycheck from the LCT M60. I knew that it will be a difficult review ( in german we say “schweres review” -> heavy review) and that is true 🙂 That was my first impression.

The M60 is a heavyweight 11 kg monster like the real steel. LCT pampered us with 88,99% steel. The hole body is steel. And not only black steel. The M60 is manganes phosphate. This gave the airsoft a very authentic look.

if I did not know. I would say. I have a real M60 in hand! The M60 comes with original markings. The stock and the handguard a made of rubber…like the real steel. OMG. My arm is suffering.I have to put the M60 on the table.

I think its is time for same data. oh the screen comes. Here the data of the LCT M60 The real steel has a ROF of 650 rpm. I will now see in my chrono test what i can get with the LCT version. The LCT has a ROF of 760 rpm and the power is alright for an under 0,5 Joule gun ( fullauto airsofts must be under 0,5j – german law) The ROF is depending on the battery.

Sniper has a ROF of 1200rpm. I think they have used a 11.1v Lipo. Now it is time for the details and functions


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