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LCT AKS74UN Review | Fox Airsoft

LCT AKS74UN Review | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys, Matt here with Fox Airsoft, today I’m taking a peek at the LCTAKS74UN. This is another beautiful replica by LCT, just like all other LCT replica AK variants, it’s going to feature a full stamp steel receiver, beautifully finished wood furniture, this particular one has an AK seventy four style high-capacity magazine installed on it.

It also has the folding stock which is going to lock in place here and it is extremely solid. So, when you compare this with some of the other lower end AK you’re just gonna notice the difference when you’re holding it in your hands, the quality that you’re purchasing.

Now like all other LCT guns, the gearbox comes pre upgraded with a full cylinder kit, including a double o-ring cylinder head, ported piston head, steel-thooth piston, chromium plated cylinder and an o-ring nozzle.

The barrel is also a six-point-oh two millimeter tight bore barrel as you stock barrel on the gun. So if you are looking for a great options, just out of the box that’s just going to be a beautiful gun that will turn heads on the field as well as a performer, make sure check out the AKS74UN by LCT.

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