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LCT AKMS Airsoft Gun Review | Fox Airsoft

LCT AKMS Airsoft Gun Review | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys, Matt here with Fox. We recently had a review request to do a LCT AKMS. So here we go. LCT, as you guys know, is one of the top manufacturers of AK replicas in the Airsoft market. Features stamp steal bodies, and this one also has beautiful wood furniture as you can tell.

Now, the gun is rock solid, okay. For an airsoft gun this probably the most solid airsoft gun I have ever held, any of the LCT lineup. Now, the gun does also feature very solid internals in it. Basically, the fully upgrade, you’re going to have a cylinder kit that includes an o-ring nozzle double o-ring cylinder head, chromium plated cylinder and then you’re also going to have ported piston head as well.

The barrel’s also 6.02 tight bore barrels right out of the box. So the guns typically come in around that 400-424 feet per second and are very accurate. Now the AKMS has that under folding stock as you can see right now I have it folded.

I’m going to bring it out and as I bring the stock out here, you’re going to notice how solid it is when it locks into place. This thing feels almost like having a full wood stock on there. So if you are looking for a very solid AK replica.

Make sure to check out the AKMS by LCT. Fox Airsoft 10244 S Progress Lane Parker CO 80134 (888) 316-7816 http://www.foxairsoft.com


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