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Lancer Tactical Tornado Drop Leg Holster Airsoft Review

Lancer Tactical Tornado Drop Leg Holster Airsoft Review

hey guys therefore we got a good option for you today this is the Lancer tactical tornado drop leg airsoft Ulster it’s great because it’s customizable to fit your different airsoft pistol as you go ahead to use it in the game now if you’re interested in picking this up there’ll be a link down below in the description to spot a tog airsoft.

com where you can buy it for about $20 now with that being said let’s go ahead and get to this video all right now getting into the video taking a closer look here at the holster itself which when placed on the ground and not attached to a player does kind of look like an unorganized mess now talking about quality I’m not necessarily a stitching expert more of an airsoft ER but from what I can tell this is made quite well doesn’t feel like it’s gonna fall apart it’s not like it’s made at a cardboard in the first second you snag on something that’s gonna fall apart it’s made quite well and as far as the coloring goes this is available not only in the black here but also an OD green on spotted hog airsoft comm the coloring looks great in the case of the black one it’s not that phony black or it’s a little bit lighter almost grey it actually is a solid black that matches my other black gear quite well now as far as the construction of it goes obviously it’s set up just like a standard drop leg holster you have this piece here which is fully adjustable to connect to your belt or say the Molly vests that you’re running and at that point you can adjust that to drop down hang a little bit lower or cinch it up a little bit higher depending on what you like you also have your two straps here which would wrap around your leg these are obviously adjustable and the one thing I have to complain about them is since this is supposed to be adjustable for everyone not necessarily sides they have to make those straps longer therefore when you do adjust them for an average-sized or thinner leg like I have you do get a lot of excess strap that you kind of have to tie up or wrap around and tuck in again so that’s the only part that I do find annoying about the straps zooming in on the actual portion of the holster that attaches to your belt or Molly vest it’s actually pretty nice it’s double attached via velcro and a snap button that pretty secure made into metal so therefore you do have the double protection say a snap comes undone you also have the velcro so it won’t be flopping off like I’ve had experience with other holsters in the pack also you’ll notice you have the big plastic buckle there this is quick-release simply give it a squeeze and it’ll drop off the holes now we’ll take a look at one of the straps that’ll actually wrap around your leg just taking a look at one as they are identical like I said they are fully adjustable we do have that excess strap because they have to be adjustable for everyone you know not necessarily a huge deal one thing to point out is when you first go to adjust them they’re a little bit annoying you really have to break them in but once you break him in the straps are pretty easy to move around and adjust your different leg thickness depending on how much clothing you’re on and etc now also you notice you do have the plastic quick-release buckle here again just give them a quick squeeze got to do it for both and then that’ll drop the holster off of your leg an area that tends to be of concern a lot of holsters for me is that top area where you actually have the piece that would hold a pistol in place which I don’t necessarily know the technical term for it I just call it the retaining strap up top and I don’t really have to worry about that with this pistol because again just like the connection to your belt this is attached to be a Velcro and a snap button so if one fails you have the secondary to back it up and this is also adjustable to fit the proper size of the pistol now the tornado drop leg holster does of a side magazine pouch is capable of holding one magazine in this case it’s relatively adjustable not necessarily you can expand the size of it but it was capable fitting my rather large KP 45 magazine which I was pretty surprised about it’s just held on by Velcro no additional snap button here and it’s convenient that they do give you the extra magazine pouch say you want to have a spare mag for your pistol however if you’re running more than one spare magazine you can always add additional pistol mag pouches via the molle on the front of the holes all right now on to the main advantage of the tornado drop leg holster the fact that it’s adjustable to fit your different sizes of airsoft pistols again incredibly convenient if you own a couple different types you don’t survive holsters for each different pistol you just have this one that can adjust to fit each of them now as far as adjustability goes it’s very simple you just have to pull a couple pieces of velcro and the whole thing splits open in order for you to carefully fit in your selected pistol I know what you might be thinking that’s all I have to do pull some velcro don’t want my pesto to fall out in the field of something just suddenly snaps and slips however don’t worry about it when this thing is attached to your leg actually it’s set up so that velcro combines to hold everything together pressed against your leg now when you open it up here’s how everything will look as you can see the nice softly padded interior the holster is revealed here everything splits you can place your pistol inside and then wrap the holster around and to give yourself the most secure fit everything is adjustable from the sides of the holster to the piece that will keep the nose and barrel of your gun secured inside the holster as I mentioned earlier the retaining strap that will hold the pistol actually in there as well as that elastic drawstring at the top to tighten the hold on the pistol itself so overall the adjustability is a huge advantage and once the pistols in there you can just fold everything over secure it in place and once again that strip mark Lancer tactical in the back will hold everything together connecting to the all other velcro pieces and also having the added support of being pressed tightly against your leg when the holster so overall it’s a very simple and easy concept as well as setup but the advantage is huge now as far as comfort goes when I actually have this pistol holster on it’s not necessarily too bad it’s a pretty comfortable little gun and the past I’ve had straps on drop legs that really bite deep into your leg granted I’m wearing a little bit of thicker clothing right now because it is kind of chilly out however I don’t necessarily really feel any of that biting also there’s not that huge drag that I have on the top of the belt here from pulling downward it seems to me fascin equally in all areas so it’s not necessarily dragging anything downward also I’m pretty huge on having to test each airsoft product that I sell at my store just to make sure it’s you know a good quality piece and I did plenty of Sprint’s back and forth the whole bunch of wacky stuff just to make sure this thing wouldn’t necessarily fall apart on me necessarily sliding down my leg the straps loose thing and it’s kind of just jiggling out of place I didn’t really have any experiences whatsoever with that and the overall held in place rather well that goes for the pistol as well once I secured and adapted it for the pistol I have in here right now it held firm so overall the Lancer tactical tornado drop leg holster is a pretty good quality holster it does exactly what it’s supposed to and again can’t stress it enough a huge advantage being that it can adjust to fit your different sizes of airsoft pistols most notably the common ones such as your m9 s your 1911 s also your larger ones such as your desert eagle DVDs etc I will necessarily try to fit a very tiny little gun in there but you could adjust it in attempting so guys this has been spotted hog airsoft overview of the Lancer tactical tornado drop leg airsoft ulster and please subscribe


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