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L’AIRSOFT c’est comme le vélo…

L’AIRSOFT c’est comme le vélo…

seen! need back up in the stairs ! Hi guys this is jim of the team TRAC here’s a short video of my last Sunday’s game on the new field of our partner PowerGun is a mix of forest and four small buildings located in 91 orgemont for this inauguration we were about 80 players divided into two camps it was an opportunity to test and realize that the number of the day said it in the best conditions is 50 players max so this is my first game on this field and I’ll realizing quite quickly here the contact is not expected It is taking us aside one less yes I saw it ! It has pushed the guys, it’s good! covered! When struck the healthcare system is simple palpation 20 by the medic and you go back into the game it’s called the tunnel effect when you are in your reddot and you’re not attentive to its immediate environment and make yourself HIT a lot of players are concentrated in the buildings I decided to take a small group of three through the left edge of land most pax their cannons facing buildings few of them anticipate our approach Knowing in advance that I played a small set cqb I apply myself to 300fps for improved responsiveness and shooting is secure short distances are greater forest side I’ll be warned spam trigger ! As you all shoot a team from the same tree without a mate to support you for another position they must face not long to know your position.

a board shake your ass! shit … I’m empty … she’s all alone! fern moving crossfire, I have not been able to 3 … 4 … 5 7 … 8 these are the guys I hope this short video Did you know that many of you are waiting for the video Border War 11 unfortunately I will not do it this year has been below expectations it was more like a big party Sunday op a soulless poor organization and a guerrilla camp that Americanized brief I do not plan to return next year however there are in France op that suits me more demanding immersive and focused on realism it is the one I want to live and you discover At the same time in my future video I think you are all recently see it on my channel.

I prefer to play less but play better. Actually the thing is that I realized the teaser of border war 11 thinking I was going to do this video but I quickly understood during editing finally there was not much to tell, for the reasons I mentioned so at the moment I put not still the teaser because well here it is done.

I assure you you really do miss anything. See you soon guys ! We lost TONTON we trying to reach you. We’re on the way


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