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[La radio en airsoft] Conseils | Advice | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[La radio en airsoft] Conseils | Advice | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this advice video dedicated to airsoft radio usage To begin, here are some reminders about the French legislation regarding walkie-talkies usages The devices we are interested in are intended for general public usage and respect the PMR446 standard This one limits the maximum power emission to 500mW, allowing a listening up to 200M in rough ground and 3km in open ground, and the transmitter antenna must be fixed Its code also informs us about its reserved band frequency which is 446 MHz In France and Europe, the use of this kind of walkie-talkies does not require a specific license Some players use more powerful programmable walkie-talkies from Asia to gain more range, especially on very large battlegrounds Be aware that even if you can configure them to respect the PMR446 standard, they will remain de facto, illegal in France even if controls are infrequent Use therefore at your own risk A PMR446 radio costs between 60 and 200 euros for the most complete The difference between models will be mainly their finishing quality and their additional functions It’s up to you to choose the model that suits your needs and desires Some models are even supplied with very useful accessories in airsoft: dedicated microphone with headset for example Be careful when purchasing because the type of connection on the radio is often specific to the brand of the model This is even more important if you subsequently decide to invest in a PTT (Push to Talk) and it is often a mistake that beginners do by buying a model that is not compatible with the connectivity of their walkie-talkie Here are some popular models among airsoft players Personnaly, since my beginning I use a T5422 Motorola that I bought used To start using a walkie-talkie, you must first turn it on to wait for reception or to start transmitting To communicate between several users, they must have set their device on the same channel and under communication channel A radio is composed of 8 pre-recorded main channels on our radio models: 1.

0, 2.0, 3.0, … up to 8.0 On some models, each main channel may also add a sub-channel, also pre-recorded Thus it is possible to connect on sub-channels 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 … and so on, of the main channel 8.

0 This may be useful, for example, to assign a subchannel to each squad of the same team, and this one is assigned to a primary channel Some models of advanced walkie-talkies allow, for example, to listen to a set of sub-channels of a main channel, practical for a team leader or a radio operator If you do not have sub channel options, use only the main channels Once everyone is set to the same channel and sub-channel, communication can be initiated It is very important to note that only one speaker can transmit on this communication channel, all others can only listen It should also know that it is the first one that presses the button of emission which will have priority and will be able to speak To start a call, press and hold the transmitting button When it is finished, just release it to finish the emission A standard function exists on walkie-talkies to mark the beginning and the end of a transmission, it is the “roger BIP”, activate or de-activate according to your need At each beginning and end of transmission, a beep sound will emitted An option that you must disable, is the VOX mode This one allows, if enabled, to transmit as soon as the microphone hears a sound without pressing the transmitting button For our activity, this option is useless and hated because often, the player who “forgot” to turn in off, blocks communications of its team.

You will then listen to a pleasant background noise of the kind: You will have understood that to communicate, you will have to press a button and also listen In our leisure, discretion is necessary and we are not always hands free under the fire of the enemy That’s why I advise you to buy a remote microphone with headset This is often provided as standard with some models but remains quite basic You should then invest in a PTT and headset set that will respond more to your taste in terms of visual and usage For the PTT, please pay attention to the connection type because it is specific to your walkie-talkie Otherwise, for the PTT or the headset, there are several models with more or less options: wireless communication, noise reduction headphones, systems of attachments on helmet, and so on .

.. Before starting a call, check that the channel is free because I remind you that a single user can transmit at the same time To initiate a communication, you begins by specifying to whom you wants to speak, the origin and you hand over the communication For example if I want to call Cira, I can say: Golgy for Cira or, Cira from Golgy Now an example of good communication initialization Joker from Golgy, over It is very important to be understood, to use only, simple and short sentences We are here in a very different environment compared to Teamspeak or Skype conference, we must give information quickly and well so go to the essential If the message to be sent is long, cut the message in shorts pieces and kave breaks Hey guys, there’s a group of guys who really do not seem happy to come back, lol, .

.. actually, someone has a midcap magazine to lend me, I’ve lost mine 10 minutes ago? To all from Golgy, 3 hostiles closing in on our back, over and out To emit a clear message, you must be audible, so speak loud enough to be heard but not too much to saturate the microphone .

.. ???? #@&%*$!!! When you start transmitting, there is a latency moment in order to establish the communication If you press your transmitting button and speak immediately, your conversation beginning is going to be cut off Wait one big second after pressing the transmitting button .

.. Golgy, I’m… Joker from Golgy, I’m reader, over and out Regarding the transport of your radio, prefer to use dedicated pouch or at least a fixed storage Mishandling is common, especially if you do not have a buttons locking mode It is indeed very unpleasant to hear a ringing sound in his walkie-talkie continuously because a player has his bell button pressed on his walkie-talkie in his pants pocket Finally, to conclude an exchange, it is the player who initiates the conversation that concludes this one Cira from Golgy, we begin, over Cira speaking, copy, over Golgy, over and out The main use of a walkie-talkie is to exchange information whether to launch a game, to call an organier for an emergency or to describe a situation to its teammates Golgy for blue team, over Blue team listening, over Are you ready? Over We are ready, over Then, game stats.

over I confirm, game started. Over Golgy, over and out From Golgy to red team, I recovered the enemy flag, I return to the base by the west side, over and out It can also be used to give self position or target positions In this case, you have to be precise, use markers or even the grid of a map, especially if you are on a OP (milsim game) Golgy for red team, sniper spotted in front of us, 2 meters right of the white building, over and out One last very interesting option of using a walkie-talkie is the coordination of actions It will then be very easy to synchronize an attack after a precise and fast communication Golgy for Cira, engage at will when we start firing, over Cira listening, I copy, over Golgy, over and out If at some point in the communication you do not understand what the interlocutor is saying, ask him to repeat Cira from Golgy, I %*$#à.

… Cira listening, repeat! Cira from Golgy, I am ready, over Copy, over Golgy, over and out Now some advanced technics that will especially be useful during OPs that require to be much more rigorous during your radio communications In the same state of mind as the misunderstanding of a message, we want to be sure that the message has been understood, we can then ask to have it repeated Golgy for Cira, over Cira listening, over Let’s meet next to the fountain in 10 minutes, repeat Cira listening, I copy, let’s meet next to the fountain in 10 minutes, over Golgy, over and out To make yourself more understandable, you can also spell words, especially if the frequency is bad and those are important In this case, you should use the NATO alphabet, here on your screen So to spell my pseudo, GOLGY, I would say GOLF – OSCAR – LIMA – GOLF – YANKEE This technic can also be used to give coordinates or references on a map Another critical point, the communication channel you use is not encrypted on our walkie-talkies so anyone can listen on your frequency to spy on your exchanges, if not explicitly prohibited in the regulation of the game In this case, use codes for each member of the team and for the different squads For example, a squad may be called ALPHA and each player receives a given number and the squad leader will be the leader ALPHA LEADER to all ALPHA, we stop for 10 minutes, over and out ALPHA 2 from ALPHA 5, on your right, 2 enemies closing by, over and out Always as part of a possible spying of your communications, use codes for actions or places, and use a map where a custom grid system ALPHA 2 from ALPHA 5, red sheep spotted at H6, over and out Thank you for watching this video tips Do not hesitate to like it and especially to share it if it has been useful to you or if you think it may be useful to others Do not forget to subscribe to the channel to not miss any future publication and show your support to my work Se you very soon in a next video


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