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La mejor DMR‼ ▬ Review Gato MLOK 15″ ▬ Scopecam Airsoft Gameplay ▬ (ENGLISH SUB)

La mejor DMR‼ ▬ Review Gato MLOK 15″ ▬ Scopecam Airsoft Gameplay ▬ (ENGLISH SUB)

Hello how are you? beautiful and sensual people I want to show you my new replica GATO MLOK 15 ” As you will realize, it has an incredible distance and precision but its current state does not get too far away from what it was before it was modified currently has a distance of 80 meters, with a high-end PDI cannon 6.

01 a power of 450 fps with bbs of 0.20 a very fast triggering cycle, due to a change of high-torque motor, 13:1 gears, and 11.1 lipo battery originally it has a distance of 65 meters, with a 6.03 precision cannon and 400 fps.

and a very good triggering cycle, because its trigger is a microswift that improves the reaction. With the change of engine and gears, only increased its reaction speed 30% to 40%. And it perfectly holds LIPO batteries With respect to his body, it is metallic and very rigid, but extremely light Which I love because I’m always holding the weight of the replica while I aim, so it makes my style of play much easier.

it gearbox is “reinforced”, but honestly I do not know how much, two weeks ago it has a spring 130 and so far everything goes perfectly if something bad happens I mean, it breaks I will keep you informed Yio: this shit hurts :’c Yio: look at those thorns! They are huge D: It also has a “quick” spring system Well, it’s not like the ICS system, which changes in the blink of an eye in this case, you have to remove the pins, the stock, the engine, the mag release well, you have to take out the complete gearbox then, from behind, you just have to turn the spring guide and remove it, and then put another spring and then reassemble everything.

but taking into account that you do not have to disarm the most complicated part, which is the gearbox you save a lot of time and headaches this reply has left me extremely satisfied, fulfills the role for which I chose it very well Although, I never really liked the role of DMR because most of the players in this role never stop pulling the trigger until they hit something, as if it were raining bbs in my case I like the style of “one shot, one kill” so I try to achieve this as much as possible even the semi-automatic helps a lot to face multiple enemies or, when the first shot is stopped by an insolent branch that crosses What I miss about the sniper, is that with them I had much more secrecy and more distance.

but anyway, I’m very happy with my cat his has been the video today, I hope you like it very much I want to thank my friend Diego Lamas, who was the technician who gave my replica a “little cat hand” Cat, do you catch?


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