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KWA RM4 ERG | Electric Recoil Gun | Airsoft Gun Review and Chrono | Fox Airsoft

KWA RM4 ERG |  Electric Recoil Gun | Airsoft Gun Review and Chrono | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys Matt here with Fox today and I wanna show you a new cool rifle that’s been highly anticipated. This is the KWA rm4 your ERG, which stands for electric recoil gun. Now, as the name suggests this gun has recoil that is actually felt by the user.

They have a special system proprietary KWA that transfers the recoil through the buffer tube. Now something else that they also incorporated was bolt lockout. So when you’re firing the rifle and go to your last round the gun is gonna stop firing, you need to insert a new magazine and hit the bolt released to you lock it forward and start firing again.

So overall a very cool training platform you get a lot of the functionality and similarity to the LM4 but you also get some the benefits of having electric gun. Like you’re not going to be temperature-sensitive which you will be in a gas blowback type rifle.

Now, the magazine’s another cool feature too. KWA was smart when they designed this and they actually made a 30-round magazine so you get perfect realism on your training application, but for those you guys who were just interest in skirmishing with it, the magazine has a switch that you can turn to turn into a 60 round magazine giving you a little bit more firepower.

Now let’s say you’re not interested in buying the specific proprietary magazines for this gun, it does take conventional AEG magazines, the only feature you’re gonna lose in that is the ability to have the bolt lockout.

So when you look at all the features it was up this gun overall it’s just a real winning platform. So let’s go ahead and take it over here to the chromo arrange see how she does. I wanna show you– so there is a battery in it and your notice when pulled the trigger nothing is happening with the gun.

So now i’m going to insert a fresh magazine, I’m going to hit the bolt release, and notice how the guns firing now. Alright guys so you’re going to notice here a slight vibration the gun that’s the recoil engine doing its job.

It definitely is noticeable and gives that added realism when firing the weapon. Fox Airsoft 10244 S Progress Lane Parker CO 80134 (888) 316-7816


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