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KWA Mark IV PTP airsoft Review

KWA Mark IV PTP airsoft Review

whats up guys its infidel dingo from SC Viper infidels this is gonna be the first video review of a airsoft gun on the new channel because obviously you know what happened so this is the cableway mark for professional training pistol I have it in OD green here it is basically a it is in 1911 choice a colt 1911 it’s they just use this name instead of nine ten eleven obviously just like the Glocks and [ __ ] um Oh first of all you find this review um I have been sick for like four days my voice sounds like [ __ ] I feel like [ __ ] and I look like [ __ ] so don’t be all like your voice sounds like you have a [ __ ] in your mouth or some [ __ ] like that all right shut the hell up and yeah I’ve been sick so calm yourself trolls so this pistol is full metal lower receiver and slide full metal it is very very very nice I have shot a treadle 1911 and this feels exactly the same the mag however is I gotta say a little bit smaller because how the hell can a 45 fit right there but whatever it does not matter at all unless you’re some like gun enthusiast or something the slide does lock back after it is out of ammo like most gas blog pistols it comes with an orange tip anything any barrel you see right here was orange I just stand it off and send it off in the inside too which got really hard after a while but it doesn’t matter the trigger spots on this [ __ ] is really good I’d say the slide is really heavy so therefore the slight just does recoil or whatever you call it kind of slower than normal it’s only because it’s really really really heavy this pistol is about like I’d say a half a pound heavier than the kjw the weed tag and those 19 lemons because in the inside there is this this is full steel all the way to the back here and it makes a gun a little bit heavier because it’s that is normally not there at all so yep the mag holds I don’t know I i gotta say like 19 rounds sorry this isn’t my gun so i have no idea i use i’ve been using it for like four months now but this is not my gun this is my friends i fixed it for him cuz it wasn’t shooting and I made it shoot but yeah whatever um right here you got oh my god what am I saying oh yeah a trademark scannable a logo right there mark for training pistol right there caliber six millimeter down here is an individual serial number which kind of unique um that is about it the metal as you probably want to know is the slide the lower yes there was rail right here they grips our polymer the trigger is full metal I believe yeah it is um everything else is full metal on this gun it’s kind of really heavy for a 1911 but that does not matter heavy makes stuff feel more durable and I think this is having many you month won’t think this is heavy but i do cuz i have a tokyo marui what’s called extreme 45 and that’s mostly full plastic so it’s really light so i just think this is heavy but this is a very good gun if you want to buy it get it um personally I don’t like what’s going on oh I don’t like the m9s kwa yeah if you’re gonna get a cavity way either get one of these um a USP one at one of those Delia’s alright so this gun shoots about 320 FPS that is really a different from what it says on most websites but that’s what it shoots as I chrono des it before a lot that’s what it shoots so 320 which is good for indoor cqb even outdoor because it is a pistol so it really doesn’t he issued that hard um cat every way is a great manufacturer I have a lot of kwa stuff we have a lot of KP my stuff so very durable the only problem I had with this is inside the mag there is a tube that brings the gas up to the top of the mag and that just literally dislocated itself from the bottom and I just I just open it up and reattach it and shot again so that’s the only way so if you drop this mag that tube will probably come off but you could just put it back in and you’ll be good it’s really easy fixing so yeah that’s a cannibal a mark for training pistol and this thing is beast all right you


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