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KWA KSC Vz.61 Scorpion (Kz 61) Airsoft Review Deutsch [Eng Sub]

KWA KSC Vz.61 Scorpion (Kz 61) Airsoft Review Deutsch [Eng Sub]

hello bruce here. BB2K airsoft Channel I am glad to see you. today it is toxic. quickly put safety glasses on. today i show you these lethal injection! the KWA / KSC Scorpion Vz61 which goes really well.

have fun would be nice 🙂 Unfortunately, it only makes .. this only semi but it’s still a lot of fun. I begin with a short unboxing of the KSC Vz61 It is delivered in this cardboard part of the contents: a manual a hopup key to adjust the hopup 🙂 a little bag of 6mm BBs and at next.

A 20 round gas magazine and now ladys and gentleman the main attraction here it is the KSC Scorpion Vz61 in the GBB version. The wooden grip is not part of the box. these I bought separately. the scorpion comes with a black plastic grip.

i like it “oldschool” so i buy the wood grip from SpearArms. two version are available. This “military” version and a dark tone “beach wood” version. the grip will cost between 30 and 40 euro. SOFTAIRSTORE & REDWOLF have this grips in their shop.

i put all links in my video description the price of the scorpion: 280 – 300 Euro. the manufacturer is KWA / KWC. the difference. KWA has a lower frame made of metal. this KWC has a plastic lower. If you have a KWA Vz61, please tell me if it really metal? a 30 round magazine is available for 70 Euro a 20 rounds magazine has a price of 50 euros.

i show you now this scorpion in motion…. shooting makes a lot of fun and the recoil is also quite good. with this 30 round magazine the airsoft looks great now it is time for the bodycheck the scorpion looks small an it is really small.

The weight is 1287g. The real steel has a weight of 1300g the lenght: 273 / 513 mm It is very compact. great as a backup or for CQB. manufacturer information: 0,8 – 1.1 Joule. i will check this later with my chrono.

with the folding stock the airsoft can be aim well. in the folded state. the airsoft is easy to operate with one hand the airsoft can be stored anywhere and the look: super awesome 🙂 the folding stock can be removed without tools.

the scorpion consists of 90% metal. The Lower Frame is made of plastic. i remove the folding stock the folding stock is made of steel the upper frame is made of metal (Aluminum) the loading lever is metal the front sight is made of steel the back sight is made of aluminium the back sights has two positions: 75 & 150 meter.

This comes from the real steel world. the lower frame is made of plastic. KWA has a metal frame. The KSC plastic is very stable. let’s take a look to the fire selector the selector has 3 postions: Semi, Safe & Fullauto.

here in germany we have only the semi mode, so the airsoft will not shot, if the selector is switch to fullauto. the mag release is made of alumimnium and this pin is made of steel. the trigger frame is steel and the trigger is made of aluminium the wood grip is made of wood 🙂 that is a Replacement Part from SpearArms.

the airsoft comes with this very stable black plastic grip. changing the grip is very simple. you have to unscrew the steel sling mount. Now you can switch the grip. Do you see this button? This button locks the slide.

KSC has taken this feature from the Real Steel World. Reason: When you holster the gun. The gun will not be loaded accidentally. I think it’s great that KSC has thought about such trifles. the external I’m done.

Now I disassemble the scorpion and show you the internals. Disassemble is very simple. You need no tools. it is only one pin! this here. you have to push it out. now can remove the upper thats the first part of the dissasemble.

to remove the bolt you must slide back the the bolt to the end. now you can remove the two bolt pins. the bolt can now be removed from the upper. very easy. Now to the materials: the bolt is made of Aluminum the spring bar ist made of steel.

The bracket is aluminium. the pin is steel and the two cocking handle are made of aluminium. now to the lower. you see a lot of metal parts. most parts are made of aluminum. exception: hammer, systemframe and pin are made of steel.

I am very satisfied with the processing. many metal parts (external/internal) important steel parts like the hammer. the whole system looks very solid. where the weak points, I can not say. the airsoft is too new.

Do you have the scorpion and can you say something for durability? Please let me know. I assemble the airsoft. because now it is time for the Chrono. Manufacturer values: 0,8 Joule / 300 FPS i chrono the airsoft with 0,2g BBs, Walther Greengas and a temperature of 24 degree.

I could reach the values. average: 0,8 Joule / 304 FPS the chrono of the Vz61 scorpion is finished. so why is it called “Scorpion”? I answer this in the real steel part 🙂 The Skorpion vz. 61 is a Czechoslovak submachine gun produced 1961 – 1979.

Approx. 200.000 were produced the Vz61 has the caliber 7.65mm. there is also a variation in caliber 9mm. The special thing is the size of Vz61. Its compact design, it was popular in the criminal underworld.

every bad guy in the seventies wanted to have it. that was a satus symbol at that time. from this milieu comes the name “Scorpion”. why it is so, one does not know exactly. Some people think it is the extremely fast firepower.

the other variant. The folding stock looks like the tail of a scorpion. a very unusual and interesting weapon. who wonders: Can one pimp Cz61? Oh yes it can! Take a look to the CZ868! awesome or 🙂 Back to the airsoft.

Now it is time for the target shooting. Target shooting with the KSC/KWA Scorpion. Distance: 30 meter, target size A4 and 0,28g BBs. I shot 2 x 10 rounds. the temperature 34 degree (perfect for GBB) These were the first 10 shots.

i take a look to the results. The result is very good. I have to aim just a little more to the left. Now the second try. I’m curious about what I hit with the baby. it is very hot outside. but I did get a super duper Result!!!! on 30 meters I got 18 of 20 hits.

the hits are close together a little more left targeted. The result would be a dream 🙂 there is no complaints.the KSC / KWA Scorpion shoots great 30 meter! a top performance for this short barrel. It is great .

… Top! sigh sigh. Now I come to the pros and cons in other words the review is nearly over 🙁 I’m a little sad. it has a lot of fun with the Scorpion. my first pro is: this is a GBB! I always hoped for a gas version.

the scorpion is very compact. Perfect to shot with one hand or for CQB games or as backup. Precision is top on 30 meter despite recently barrel. back to the compact design. You can shot it easy with one hand.

with the folding stock the airsoft can be safely aim. and now I’m sure why the Scorpion’s called scorpion. that’s happened to me in review. I had the finger on top of the upper …. Ouch. The Scorpion has struck again 🙂 I’m sure now .

.. the folding stock has given the Vz61 your name! the airsoft is very stable build with plastic and metal parts. which I think is not good: The magazine is not economical. you can only shoot with one filling 1-2 magazin charges.

the cost of 280-300 Euro is not an offer But if you want something special and no pabulum. The Vz61 is the right deal! what I have to say, unfortunately this Airsoft is no “fullauto” because of german law.

which is a castration. I can not change that. That is the law. But I am glad that it exists in germany now. a Scorpion must be full auto! if you want to see the Scorpion in Full Auto you must click the Review of Redwolf Tim.

It’s a dream to see. I am very satisfied with the scorpion i come to the conclusion. to purchase recommendation. for the collector definitely. This is a must have. the player will be satisfied too. You’ll stand out with this airsoft.

the other players get big eyes when they see the VZ61 🙂 Precision is great. And yes …. that was my Review of the Scorpion Vz61 from KSC/KWA I hope you had fun and we’ll see you again soon. I will now shoot a little bit with the Vz61.

ouch. now I have clamped my hand. The Scorpion is really dangerous!!!!!


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