for the vector covers it up it can be removed I just don’t allow I really don’t know how I guess you would take off the baseplate there’s where you load in your gas this is all like polymer base plate like Glock the spacers polymer the feeding lips are actually made in a polymer and the biggest flaw about this is not that they break is that it’s too tight you can’t use a speed loader with this gun which is quite a nuisance that you can’t use speed loaders like all the other can you guns it has they’re locking loader thingy it’s got that usual gun little gray finish they put on their magazines it scratches you know just like all the other ones the space is pretty good so on top of the weapon there are there is formerly the Picatinny rail this is actually really nice looking rail how its uh indented through the middle I think it looks really cool on there and this is made out of like where’s the matter that it’s made of like a well you know that metal was talking about the aluminum some type of aluminum and towards the front there are the two screws for the flashlight and the you know little flashlight compartment and the iron sights that came with it are quite impressive in their quality they’re really good I try to give you a sight picture here so that’s the sight picture and it has a peep aperture it is actually extremely tiny so I don’t know what use it’s for since it’s so small could barely get a picture with the peep anyway besides that these are impressive on their side of quality sites they’re really robust and pretty sure you put this on a real gun no problem it’s got this button here made in the metal whole unit is metal I don’t know what is steel but it is that stuff on the rest of the gun and the gun little Gary finish I’ll go over a color completely once I get towards the end so you press that button and the site will go down so it is a flip up just grab it to pull it up and you press the button to make it go down so they don’t get knocked over then the rear has a different type of button so there are impressive sights on Myon they’re very high quality sides so they’re easily easy to flip up and down so the front sight some more can be removed all right now used with that a sight adjustment key you put it you put it in on top of the sight you push down and then you turn pretty sure this is just like an m16s front sight the little thing to adjust it just like that but it has like a like an HK style ring around it which is cool and then the back sight is just like an m16 or AR says like oh – for the size of it then the pmab feature is really small like I said it’s a lot like an m16 so that you can rotate this and change like where it goes left and right for windage and I’m pretty sure of this button I mean this wheel dial is made of a metal and it’s got a little slit down the top to make sure it’s centered but uh other than the whole m16 thing it is like a round shape which is pretty unique for the vector itself and like I said these are really high quality sites they’re really good so um sling is part of the hinge for the stock in the body of gun I’ve seen the hinge break on one that was on eBay but I trust these links I’m pretty sure it is steel I have use the sling on this gun yeah it’s steel and it holds up well it does move around it is stiff which is good for sling you don’t want it flying all over the place you know when you shoot it it does move but it doesn’t make sounds like like the echo 1a K which makes a lot of sound so the grip of the weapon it has a thing like this like on a promise FAMAS which is cool and it really comfortable grip since it is gas what I get is hollow so it’s gonna be thin no motors in it there’s a compartment at the bottom which is actually kind of tricky to get to you and it is hollow there’s nothing in there so you can put stuff in there I guess whatever you want there is no Apple iPod sync cable in there this is an e-bike the overall size of the gun it’s actually pretty thin it’s about the right shaped a lot of stuff poking out though but it’s not too bad the stock like I said is steady it is full polymer and it’s kind of like waffled in the bottom and there to keep the weight down I’m pretty sure this is actually rubberized on the real one this one’s just plastic column are the same I’m sure this should be memorized but it’s just polymer it is adjustable this part here moves back oh I guess there’s a sync point there I didn’t notice until just now but um yeah this point will Scrooge back so to make a longer stock I’m sure you just loosen up these allen key allen key screws here and then this will move and the texturize buttstock made a polymer it’s all good it feels comfortable there’s an indent here in the stock so that the selector switch can go into all right now I’m gonna go over feel of the weapon the whole thing is polymer all the metal is really good the switches are all good switches bolt lock charging handle of course yeah Charles good so texturization goes the grip serrated real nicely this grip is also serrated mags release is rated indent for your thumb or your other fingers the whole thing has you know polymer texturing natural texturing of the polymer the trigger is pretty much smooth the grip has like the regular texturing from a pistol grip serrations big ones back is smooth selectors are all smooth it’s good now the bolt lock I mean the yet bolt lock is serrated and you know this the adjustment for the sight is obviously serrated and the collapsible stock button is serrated and it is around and then the butt plate of the stock is serrated all right so the hop-up is right were you expecting to be it is in there quite a ways I don’t know if you can see it but the specially design for the vector hop-up adjustment tool how it’s curved like that see if I can put it in there yeah so you can’t really see this on camera but that is where the hop-up is located and you know you turn the dial to adjust it not a lot of room to do it all right so I have yet to disassemble this gun but for the sake of the video I’m going to do it um I don’t have a tool but I guess I could make use of the tip of the hop-up adjustment tool to do this so it’s only the removal of about three pins I’m pretty sure these are push pins they don’t have defense so they will come out they’re quite stiff I mean I don’t think it’s ever been disassembled before and I’m not gonna use pliers since I don’t want to scratch up anything okay so there’s one of the pins they are steel it’s that’s good the ACLU’s steel and they have little of Springs they’re not detailed like I said so they won’t stay in the gun like some guns do so it’s that pin and I might mention that that pin was pretty loose I mean it would move around then the pin at the bottom not this pin to keep in mind the closest to the hand guard or I mean the pistol grip alright then this one in the front sorry you didn’t get to see that it was quite tricky I put in full auto and it finally came apart so here are the internals and it’s the bolt there’s carrier grouping CL goes down pretty short barrel I guess this weighs like nothing that is the hammer and that’s the hammer actually won’t fire which piece of styrofoam in there so from here there’s a recoil kit from ehobbyasia be putting this try and take it apart further whole thing is looped from the factory so there’s the bolt seal goes down it only goes about that far back so you get a high rate of fire and all that good stuff okay so this part also doesn’t weigh much at all so here’s the bolt to take out the bolt and the nozzle you just rotate it like that and that’s your bolt and use your recoil assembly yeah so it’s pretty smart stuff from the vector when you put it back together I want to get the gun greasy but too bad all right so first try and I put it back together so not too bad not too confusing okay I am gonna will clean my hand since this gun I wanted to remain brand new so hold on all right I’ve got the hammer back down action appreciate the hammer should be cocked for this all right thank God that was easy thought this would be a mess okay so Ingo the pins alright let me just make sure everything works all right good first time playing with the internals of this gun and so far it’s all good nice thing about it these switches are all up top so the the mechanism for the burst and all that is up here so that was the internals of the vector the super V I think I’ve just not gone into everything I actually forgot to see what the internals were made out of but they’re fine obviously they’re probably steel in some kind of alloy now there’s not I can’t really say much more about this gun for the review sake but it is all really good stuff you know you’re not gonna get anything bad from Kitty away all their [ __ ] that’s going to work almost flawlessly every time since my experience with Kitty Way has been really good I don’t think I’ve ever had a kid away break before but then again I’d say for 360 bucks I think that most of that money is actually going towards the trades like you’re paying for trades away but the bodies minute of k2 is usual polymer it’s it’s good but it’s not extremely impressive or anything but it is strong it just doesn’t look amazing that looks good fine so I’m gonna move into some shooting test babies range and some power I did the poor man’s chrono it goes through both sides of a can and goes through the bottom of the can just trust what I said it was from your bike so let’s get to shoot one thing I wanted to mention is that this gun has almost no recoil at all I mean it’s there but you don’t really notice it at all it’s really really low there’s no shoulder recoil or anything like that it’s really easy to keep on target it’s most because of that super V system the downward recoil is to eliminate a recoil but for a gas blowback it’s none too noticeable for me I mean I have several blowback pistols and I’ve had blowback rifles before and the recall and this is very low just so just keep that in mind all right so this is like pretty much the entire length of I did okay so for engine accuracy that God really hard to hit a target


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