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KWA KM4 Series Airsoft Gun Review! – Airsoftnmore.Com

KWA KM4 Series Airsoft Gun Review!  – Airsoftnmore.Com

Stucky sound pochi good what’s up airsofters august here from airsoft tomorrow with a brand new exciting release by kwa this is the review of the brand new camphor series Full Metal airsoft guns so those those of you who are familiar with the cqr series you’ll realize that they look very similar but there’s one main difference that puts these aside from the cqr and that is the full metal body and it is also at a two hundred dollar price range so for $10 more you get a full metal body and those great two GX kw8 internals making this one of the most cheapest most affordable high quality airsoft guns on the market right now that is full metal which is pretty much unheard of till this day so this is a two hundred dollar full metal AG some of the features on this gun so I got your full metal receiver right here with the KWA trademark stamped on the side you got a full metal outer barrel full metal flash hiders sights are metal pretty much only thing plastic on this gun is the a2 style pistol grip le stock heat shield and this really nice k120 mid-cap magazine that is included with your rifle so since it is a mid-cap magazine not a hicap magazine magazine they’re going to need a speed loader to load these magazines so since this is the CQB model this one will be shooting at 300 feet per second but is also great for outdoors since it uses the patented 2 GX hop-up system that is proven to shoot targets well over a hundred so even though your FPS is at 350 you still won’t be able to use this perfectly fine at your outdoor games so next to the k m4 CQB is the K m4a1 so this is the long-barreled version of the CQB this one does have a full cylinder and will shoot at 400 feet per second so if you know that you’re gonna be playing outdoor fields only definitely pick up this gun it is also at the same price range of $200 so again this is a full metal kwa for $200 that is unheard of till this day full metal – GX gearbox all the kwa internals as all the other high-priced kwa guns this is the most affordable full metal hair soft gun on the market right now so now that we went over the features on both these guns let’s take it out to the krona range and see how this shoot alright guys this is the chrono test of the kwa came for CQB using point – Oh gran bb’s on a 11.

1 lipo let’s see how issues alright so this one is at 363 maybe the hop-up isn’t adjusted but this is a little bit over 350 so you may have to take caution before taking this to your indoor field alright now we’ll see the fire rate on full auto using 200 gram bb’s on 11.

1 lipo all right so it’s shooting at around seventeen point five three rounds per second on eleven point one one thousand milliamp lipo battery alright guys now this is the chrono test of the kwa came for a one long barreled AEG using 200 gram babies and a 11.

1 lipo alright and full auto alright and it is shooting at around sixteen point six five rounds per second and the FPS was fluctuating around 400 410 to the 395 so make sure you have your hop-up adjusted before you take this out to the corona range alright airsofters so in summary this is an awesome addition to the kwa m4 family priced at $200 again this is one of the most affordable high quality m4 s on the market to this day going back to quality this gun will run on a 11.

1 lipo battery right out of the box so you’ll get that high trigger response high fire rate with no modification to your gearbox also included with the gun is a 90-day warranty by kwa so it makes it that much of a better deal for you one more thing I’d like to add to this gun is that it’d be really good for beginner airsofters looking for a full metal gun and also for intermediate and veteran players who are looking for a high quality backup or just that streamlined full metal classic m4 look so again guys if you liked this video please subscribe like if you want to check out this gun come come down to our store or check it out online at airsoft and more calm so again guys a review this is August from here soft and more signing off you


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