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KWA HK MP7 Airsoft Gas Blowback Review

KWA HK MP7 Airsoft Gas Blowback Review

this is the KWA empty set in when you get the gun it’ll come with gun magazine manual warranty information and a hop-up adjustment tool but I just have the gun and magazine right now so the mp7 when it comes to smg’s pdws and just smaller guns in general 97’s my favorite platform it has really good fire controls which is my favorite thing about it the fire selector is really easy to use everything is ambidextrous and the charging handle back here and the bolt release is up here everything’s real easy to use you have to take your hand off the gun anywhere to manipulate any of the controls which is something I really like about it and it’s there it’s not bulky at all which it’s my favorite HK gun and it’s not like their other guns I think that in five and g36 are kind of bulky but this gun isn’t and when it comes to rails it comes with the rails and it’s not bulky at all either mp5 I think the rails look and feel kind of bad on it it doesn’t really feel like a gun that was really made for rails but this gun it does a really good job it’s not bulky unlike other SMGs and ppwe and I just think it’s a really good platform for airsoft and I’ll talk about visitors and more specifically it has all the controls you would expect everything’s ambidextrous just like the real one it has the trigger safety right here where yep done pull the inner triggered actually pull the trigger has the flip-flop for grip up here has all those rails like I said as the mp7 sites which are fissile sites when folded down it can flip up to your rifle sights it also disassembles my pushing down these pins back here you can pull out the stock and the bolt and you can also take off the flash hider and add threads to add suppressors or you get a QD mp7 suppressor with that comes with a flash hider so like I said it just it has all the features you would expect from an mp7 it replicates it realistically the magazines are pretty nice that they lock down at the bottom you fill all the B’s at the top which and it holds 40 BBS so mp7 from kwa it replicates it pretty good and like compared to other brands it’s not the best externally the main competitors kwa has for the mp7 is tokyo marui and DFC the FC is known for their mp7 for being one to one scale with the real mp7 if you hold the tokyo marui and kwa version by you’ll see that they’re a little shorter than the VFC version because it’s one to one with the real mp7 so the VFC one can take some some real mp7 accessories a little better than kwa or tokyo marui but compared to tokyo marui the kwa MPF in does lack some features that the tokyo marui version has when the most noticeable ones is that the stack only goes out and it goes and it just doesn’t have any positions in between while the tokyo marui version has a couple of positions in between you can buy an aftermarket stock for the kwa version to fix that but tokyo marui just comes with it and it also just there’s a lot of parts on it there just a little bit nicer than the kwa version on the kwa mp9 there’s some wobble on the selector switch before it actually clicks into the next position and that’s kind of annoying the stock also does lob a little bit and Tokyo Marui doesn’t have those it’s not nearly as bad and also on the tokyo marui version another big difference is that the the charging handle goes all the way back to where it’s supposed to go while on the w a version it doesn’t go as far back and another difference would be the hop-up adjustment on the kwa version it’s up here you use a tool while tokyo marui actually has a wheel in theirs and another big difference is the magazine like i said the kid way one locks at the bottom but on the tokyo marui version they designed their magazines the same way they designed their pistol magazines where this where the BBS can be loaded anywhere in here which i think would be a it would be a lot better so externally the kwa version is good it’s built well and one more thing about it is that a lot of people had issues with the body cracking right here in mine has that too well that’s also not a problem on the tokyo marui version so it’s built well it has all the features you would expect from mp7 it’s good but it’s not as good as tokyo marui or vfc so as you saw earlier the externals on the kwa m27 are pretty good and the internals are also pretty good they’re not great but they’re still pretty good when it comes to the performance of the gun it doesn’t have the best gas efficiency but it works okay and also when it comes to the range and accuracy it actually does work pretty good and that’s one of my favorite things about the gun is you almost rifle like performance in such a small package so that part of it works really good and when it comes to the internals kW is a really good company to go for when it comes to gas blowback guns if you don’t know a whole lot about gas blowback guns because of kwa s customer service you can easily get help with replacing parts in your gun and since kwa is such a popular brand in the US it’s easy to find a ton of videos to help you fix whatever problems is wrong with any of your kwa guns and you can also easily order any part from kwa website if you need to get a replacement part for your guns so that’s really the best thing about the kwa mt7 is just how easy would be to get extra parts extra magazines that’s really the big strength the kwa has in comparison to the other MP sevens out there and then when it comes to upgradability kwa was the first really popular and for selling gas blowback come out KSC might have been out before them but I KSC mp7 that hasn’t really seemed to have been popular anywhere I’ve never seen one so kwa was really the first brand to make a popular mp7 it seems like so there’s actually a been a lot of aftermarket stuff for it which usually it’s the opposite usually it’s Tokyo Marui makes the first gas blowback for different types of guns and then they get a ton of aftermarket parts but kwa was actually the first one with an mp7 and there’s a ton of QD suppressors out for it there’s inner barrels there’s half of upgrades and there’s also some valves and there’s a lot of stuff for it actually which is kind of surprising I’m like most of their other guns so there’s actually there is a lot of upgrades for it it’s a lot of external stuff there is some internal stuff like I said but then about a year or two ago the tokyo marui version came out which that already has a lot of upgrades for it and it’s safe to assume there’s going to end up being a lot more than there is for kwa and then about a year ago the VFC version came out which vfc I really wouldn’t even consider that for an mp7 right now because from what I’ve seen with them with the FC gas guns they really haven’t worked out that well and their last can I use that was gas blowback there MMP it worked okay it wasn’t really that great but there are no replacement parts and no upgrades for their gas blowback that I’ve seen so far so right now I wouldn’t even consider that when it comes to Tokyo Marui it has a lot of upgrades for it now and internally it’s safe to assume that Tokyo Marui is going to be a little better internally it from what I’ve read it has harder kick and it also has better accuracy because they do really good job with their hop ups the only thing I’ve seen bad about the tokyo marui mp7 x’ is i read that some of their novels have been breaking but by now there’s actually a lot of replacement nozzoli and get so that’s not really a problem anymore but internally like I said the big advantage that kwa has is their customer service and how easy it is to get replacement parts the way I really thought of it is if you want a more practical gas blowback and kwa is a good brand to go with because you can easily get more replacement parts because of how popular kwa is in the u.

s. right and it’s easy to get extra magazines for them so these are all the things you want to consider if it’s really all about how easy can get extra stuff for it and if you’re not really an expert on gas blowbacks and you just want to buy it and be able to use it and not have to worry about it too often then kwa might be the best brand for you but if you’re really all about just having the best gun when it comes to the mp7 you would probably want to go with the tokyo marui version has a lot of features the kwa version does have externally and internally it’s safe to assume it’s a little better because that’s usually how it ends up being with tokyo marui and it’ll probably also end up having more parts than kwa has now so kwa is a really good option to their mp7 right now it works really good but if you are looking for the best mp7 it might not be the best one for you but it’s still a good option that’s worth consumer going to chrono the kwa mp9 using the stock bolt i just filled the magazine with propane and point to grandbabies so as you can see it normally shoots around 390 SPS now I’m going to chrono the kwa empty seven I just switched it the CQB bolt and refilled the magazine with propane and point to grandbabies now we’re going to test the rate of fire I just fold it with propane and we’re going to measure it in BBS per second and it shoots about 15 BBS per second so in conclusion the KWA mp9 is a great replica of the real mp7 which i think is a great platform for a PDW or SMG because of the fire controls on it just how easy it is to use and how skinny it is I just think it’s a great platform and kwa did a great job making it it performs really good it has really good range in accuracy and besides that the gas efficiency is okay it’s not a really impressive and it’s the same for how good it works on the cold but it does have really good range in accuracy and externally they did a good job it has all the features you would expect from an mp7 but compared to other brains it’s not as good it’s a little smaller than the VFC version which is the which has the actual dimensions of the real mp7 and compared to the tokyo marui mp7 it lacks some of the features that the TM mp7 has so if you’re looking for an mp7 the kwa one I can still justify buying this if you live in the US because of how easy it is to get extra parts of magazines for it if you’re the kind of person who just likes to walk into an airsoft store and find parts and magazines for your gun then this might be a good choice for you but if you’re looking for the best mp7 you can get then the tokyo marui version might be better if you can still easily get mags and extra parts for it but still the kwa MP 7 is a really good gun it’s a good replica and it does have some strengths over the other MP sevens and if you’re looking for an MP 7 you should definitely look at this one you


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