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Knife To A Gunfight (Stealth Ghillie Airsoft Sniper)

Knife To A Gunfight (Stealth Ghillie Airsoft Sniper)

right guys the whole site is in play you have 5 minutes to hide starting now! Hows it going airsofter, this first game is a game of free-for-all and our lives are two balloons which are attached to our backs all that matters is when both balloons are popped, we’re out of the game.

we’ve been given 5 minutes to get away from everyone, probably about 40 players. we’ve got these balloons on our back. They are our lives. I’ve just legged it to the far end of the field. Way down there.

The whole site is in play, it’s a massive area. Probably 40 or 50 acres. I know there’s one guy over there somewhere. So hits don’t count. All they have to do, is pop your balloon. Is this safe? Rusty Nails.

We’re over. Stop and mag up…. my pistol. I’m busting for a p*ss now. To late for that now. I have to man up. My Ghillie is going to be pretty much useless because of these big red balloons behind me.

I’m going to be spotted from miles away. I’ll have to be careful not to pop these balloons on any foliage anywhere. I see balloons. I’ll push in. Use those bushes for cover. Come up behind them, they’re facing the other way.

With a bit of luck I can take them both down. Looks like they’ve paired up with each other. Yeah, 2 of them. In a tank. It’s not going to be easy. They’ve paired up. I’m trying to be stealthy here, and then I remember.

.. I’ve go 2 big red things… on my back. S***, S***, I’ve popped a balloon. Did you get it? Is it popped? I think you hit it. Is it still there? I think I’ve still got it. Right, no ones behind me, lets rush these ******! This is gonna get painful.

Is it popped? Oh, well done lads. So I’m just sitting here, minding my own business and having a photo taken. When I spot a sneaky chap, trying to creep up on me, armed with nothing but a knife. Yeah, good luck mate.

Challenge accepted. My team are defending the Fuel Dump. Long story short, the enemy don’t see me in this KMCS, so I shoot lots of them.


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