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Knife MURDERER | Airsoft TTT


Guy: I’m a good guy Dayton: Ok, I trust you Guy in front: Hoh, yo! I’m a fan of jet desert fox Guy on right: KNIFE! KNIFE! Hello everybody and welcome to another TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) video! Before we start out today I’ve got to give this guy a thank you, Poi once again has given me some amazing pictures to use on my Youtube channel He’s also the organizer of this TTT game so make sure to o to his Youtube channel and give him sub Other than that I hope you guys enjoy this video and keep an eye out for a secret little hidden word because if you find that word and you put in the comments section the word that I put up there for a second you could be the proud owner of The Wolf Among Us (Redeemed through the Steam Store) ’cause I’m doing a little give away.So keep an eye out for that and otherwise enjoy the video. Dayton: Ohhhh Yes Dayton: Hohohahaha! Dayton: Ohhhkay In this first game I’m a measly innocent My job is to find out who the traitors are and kill them The only catch is I don’t know who the other innocent people are either So right now everyone is an enemy to me Dayton: Ok, Kyle.. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle Dayton: Kyle Dayton: Haa, whhhy are you walking all….. Spookely? Dayton: Kyle, Kyle’s walking real spookely. Woah, for once you have a gun Kyle: Oh, the mag fell out Dayton: Wait, did he shoot at us? Kyle: Oh no, I shot and then the mag fell out Dayton: He definitely shot at us Dayton: He tries shooting and his mag fell out Dayton: Ok, well he’s dead do we have… Oh we don’t have a searcher Dayton: We don’t have a sheriff Dayton: Wait, Poi, was he an innocent? Poi: I can’t tell you that Dayton: You can’t… DAMNIT! Dayton: Ok, so if he was a terrorist Dayton: That means I’m fine but if he was an innocent I get a shitty gun next game Guy in front: I want to search Dayton, I want you to cover me Dayton: Ok, go ahead Guy in front: He did just fucking execute a guy Dayton: Go ahead, go ahead…Go ahead Guy in front: This is on full auto, it fucking hurts Dayton: I know, I know Dayton: I trust you enough I guess Guy: Cool, alright. Cover me. Guy with hands up: What oh no he.. Dayton: He’s searching you Guy with hands up: Yo wha the fuck!? Dayton: Oh Hey Hey! Those two are definitely walking around together very trustworthely Dayton: Should we take out Reese? Dayton: ‘Cause they were both, they were both walking around together, like, with.. Guy on right: Trying to kill an innocent child Dayton: Ok,
well this is my problem, is they were.. Dayton: ok Dayton: Here’s, here’s, here’s what.. Dayton: Just.. I’m going to break this down for us ok? Dayton: They’re walking around very nice like together. They didn’t even question each other Guy off screen: He’s so small I didn’t even see him Dayton: That’s a lie. And you’re trying to get behind me. Guy: I don’t trust you either so I’m just trying to make myself aware Dayton: That’s fair, that’s fair. I’ll make myself aware of my surroundings as well Guy in front: Where’s Laura guys? Dayton: Where’s Laurisa? Guy off screen: Let’s go find Laura Dayton: I’d love to find my MK23 Dayton: Oh, oh that’s prettier than a shotgun Dayton: I found Laurisa! Dayton: Wait, Laurisa is dead?! Dayton: Guys, Laurisa is dead Dayton: Hwhat? Dayton: I’m home Dayton: Laurica is dead! Dayton: Laura! Dayton: Lorenzo! Laura: Laura! Guy: We have a fucking murderer on the loose! Dayton: We do! Dayton: Are we allowed to ask her questions? Guy: The kid’s right there Dayton: I think it’s the kid Dayton: Can we, can we just take him out? Dayton: I will take the fall for this! Guy:Do it Dayton: I will take the fall for this Guy: That was a good shot! Dayton: With a springer too Poi: Innocent wins Dayton: Wait he was a terrorist! Dayton: Hey we did it! High Five! Guy: Friendship! Dayton Yahahahaaa! Dayton: Wait, was Kyle an innocent? Poi: No And by no he meant yes.So because Kyle was an innocent and I killed him as an innocent I was lucky enough to get the shitty little pistol Um. So ya, you guys’ll see some gameplay with this Turns out that that’s an incredibly hard gun to get a kill with Dayton: …Or I will shoot you Dayton: This hasn’t even been chronoed Dayton: This hasn’t been chronoed so I don’t know how powerful it is Poi: 10 FPS Dayton: Oh my god! And you guys haven’t even heard the best part about this For this round I was as well selected to be a terrorist Poi: Game starts in 3…2…1…GO! Dayton: I’ll make sure to watch my MEDs guys Dayton: I’ll make sure to watch it Dayton: I don’t want to cause anyone… Dayton: Ok Dayton: Let’s start by…Ok we worked well last time let’s test each other Dayton: I’m gonna go straight for the crotch Dayton: ‘Cause that’s where you’re gonna hide it if you hide it anywhere Dayton: Ok, there’s shoosting Dayton: I got him, one of those hit him! Guy: Let’s go get someone! Dayton: I’m out of ammo Dayton: Poi! Poi! Give me love man Dayton: Shit,
oh shit. This got serious Poi: Dude, good luck Dayton: Is there no BBs? Dayton: GET OVER HERE! Dayton: You shot your own guy! Dayton: That’s it? Dayton: What? No way Dayton: So terrorists win? Poi: Oh ya, sorry terrorists win! Dayton: Yaaaaa Dayton: Friendship conquers again! Anyways, thank you guys for watching. Like I said, just put in the comment section the word that popped up And you could be the winner of the Wolf Among Us Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed it.Check out my other TTT video in the little red square And leave a comment telling me: If you could have any type or Ferrari, how many wheels would it have? Thank you guys and talk to you later .


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