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im Dani, from Gandía my team is Cannibal drug and this is my kit we start with the mask its a paitball mask Dye I5 with stickers moving down, my teams tshirt, its a running tshirt ready to sweat it under this i wear a paitball tshirt cause i dont carry a vest the vest was useless to me, cause i only play with the sidearm not even a submachinegun so i chose the paintball shirt to protect me from the hits my first line is by SpeedQB is used a lot in US its an ergonomic system super light so thin fully geared up.

… cant tell you whats the weight fully geared up i think is lighter than a classic first line, like a Condor one for instance is like double lighter than any other the point is it works with velcro so you can replace the entire molle when you buy it it comes with 2 slides of molle it allows you to config your first line as you want for instance, you hace an m4 in one, and a pistol config in the other now im running a pistol config, if i would wanted to replace it i could carry other pouches for an m4 and just pulling the velcro without taking off the belt just place the new one and ready to play my footwear are Salomons Speedcross 4 i started with random boots they were not comfortable and weighed a lot the Speedcross are amazing, so light so fast Fox gloves, actually a bike gloves just to keep on the Red look moving down i dont know the brand of the pants just a basics shorts, i used to play with long trousers but it wasn’t comfy at all i want to jump, run fast etc so now i play in shorts moving to the legs fox knee/shin guards there are really solid They are quite comfortable although they do not seem when i drift over my knees i can do nice moves my sidearm right now is a CZ P09 is not my main replica i use to play with a hi-capa 5.

1 full hpa, is faster but right now have some leaks, so i must repair it meanwhile this replica works to me its finem no issues, fast enough, short slide and… well its fine, it doesn’t gets freezed the knife its a k25 its nice, nothing special aluminum, so i must take care when i use it we run a lot, and we try to take the opposite from the back and you must use it to have a silent kill i always carry it, cause as soon i dont carry it i miss it i´ve been playing for 10 years i started as everyone with some borrowed clothes i started 15 years old with my savings I bought a replica we started playing in abandoned fields, cause it was all what we have we evolved we knew more fields, more ways to play i tryed sniper, assault, submachinegun, just pistol in this years i tryed almost everything in the end I realized that the kind of game I was looking for It was not according to my gear so i had to change it there are 1000 ways to play airsoft to me, this is the way that I enjoy the most at the end of the day i must adapt to the game, and the rules field i don’t want to appear and create a chaos in the middle of the missions others are playing I have to adjust a little but i always try to fit in running as much as i can and enjoy it the airsoft is much broader than military simulation Rhoads already played in japan this game mode The conclusion is that you find the face of the airsoft that motivates you and focus on enjoying it


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