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King Arms FN P90 S-AEG (Airsoft) // Review

King Arms FN P90 S-AEG (Airsoft) // Review

have serious again to a video of the tower on the table is no today fish but a p90 and again one with the technical version with the rail system without one imported from kingdoms rescues this time the esg comes very massive here in this beautiful, depressed pub suitcase different pages clearly already printed here so far with spex all clear all good fmc title caliber bla bla bla bla bla fnp 90 technical staff die facebook asks okay that it will be my own soon however i will be here now no longer go into the peculiarities of the pd concept i already have that made clear in the video of my tokyo if a bit If you want to hear briefly about the historical background then I ask you this watch video here i’m going for christmas too raids scope of delivery several products look here for instructions for use do’s and don’ts explosions drawing just like here again as one to the example also operated electrically how to use the battery but for this he doesn’t need it now but just have too good to say that I do this is all a tool to clarify that I also show that it is very cool and that it is little only this year the fair has a little bit of education with it of course the gun itself actually comes with the ipad magazine with 300 shot built in here is a low carb but everything that makes the fun go away so looking is a good piece of child’s order from the outset the feel and the quality of the body is better than from super mario the sensation right in front of you technical data like 790 from cinemas comes here two papers living here shown black version and in a can so a kind of kg front version looks very, very cool, but I would also like it here as I said the black caliber than 6 mm b the system is a se so of course the semi-automatic one in germany are unfortunately god’s material of the week it is night on fire polymer there has been GSG or studies made the effort and a little bit here with fn herstal konz offers who have really called themselves very was the new plastic he really chooses from graves from the touch very strong the new leans or there is almost no difference also a few abs parts of the ceiling and so on and so on as well as metals more precisely about zinc there is a difference that this week is out here with clumsy hotkey tokyo is largely or completely made of plastic, at least what is better positioned no excuse the charger is also at tokyo maria from metals exactly magazines of the three pieces to hear that here somehow says a low carb not dissimilar to that of tokyo also with nicely made ones In caliber 57 so of course the famous ammunition works well children us magazine enjoy a very good job on the market anyway, simply the series Decided on the spot and also make a qualitative impression locally As I said, there are mid caps that I also have for my tokio 90 400 shot are of course the best mid caps or the best world are open the market for this rifle also has an eps of course to crank up with 300 rounds capacity we have a length of the monkey of 5 105 mm pretty much a barrel length of 25 centimeters pi times thumb so too Relatively long run length compared to the full length we full that is store everything through a v6 gearbox with a large 9mm and do the fun shared spring quick change system that means you can relatively fix yourself in the Adjusting the playing field so if strong school boundaries are required, so to speak applauds a slightly lighter mistake and the subject is well the weapon has over a system with three games of a very long clean and can times look my name is good piece plentiful from here to here I have an effective length of exactly 17 centimeters 170 millimeters and two smaller ones with one left and right length of 80 million each everything completely made of metal, not like the tm made of plastic we have a weight of about 24 kilograms so it is also ignorance mining heavier than the p90 from tm nonetheless well balanced if the gearbox natural and built in everything is good apa receiver takes a large part of a metal construction today of the weight of an ear you can tell that we have already stated 1 ex works with a maximum energy of 14 jul I have just crowned them with 0.

25 gram bbs, I manage between 1.36 and 132 and train at 132 pixels so we just go from that Average of about 13 school from what for such a short week is perfectly okay and Mixa following the shot is even more alone As always, I will of course be happy to show you how the knot works together we have up here, as I said, the rails can also be towed at least the lateral ones will of course have to be obstructed by various optical elements laser or homicide to all Germans firmly does not belong exactly we have a reloading lever that can be operated from both sides from the left as well as from the right the weapon is completely designed as a two-sided weapon So it is absolutely for right-handers as well as for left-handers design how to properly pack the p90 i would always recommend it with you first your trigger hand this title enclose the index finger us trigger shut down and then come with open euros and take down here this fun you can also hit the thumb a lot of red wine when he wanted to do that so that they put their thumbs over this demand recessed grip I do not do both coaches 90 because one comes to you to make care with a lady in her index finger many do many With the real gun, I don’t understand why because it’s simple The weapon is much, much smarter reloading lever secondly, the recessed grip remains free for the deduction error and the left, of course, i do that just as i wanted it good pieces so and so then also or lever beats not to be overlooked that things take or hold like this also take place down here many face a little something not all but ok according to gusto exactly that magazine release button just like marvel or just like the real one 90 and here with this china that is also from here to offer so with With both fingers or with one, this slide is pulled backwards, so that’s how it is magazine he is simply left upstairs pulled out put new magazine here between these two rooms suppress signing locks in the back of the house and there is also an independent one for action for selected design down here in the thriller there and 23 sliders this position here it is automatically fully automatic and fully to the left or on save semi So looking up from you counterclockwise, baptize safe that again you will actually only have the muzzle flash damper negative dividend deduction can be used for longer runs you can build in the course and then we have those back here flap for the battery competent exactly btm third pull out with it the connector without a fuse then appears tanja klein so far so good if he just comes back here often really put on and then look away then just here again signed and the weapon is again completely over tokyo you should know that you’re down here in the will not in the trier Larger topic hidden above the rear recessed grip looks like this one open the door and have the dai pop up and could be your head almost on the fly change very cool I am less of tokio marine is also because the weapon is simply a tm clown and I could now you on relative show and in front of your own company now care but already two of the kind don’t get out of here now keep the lower one is the children it of course the upper one is used to on her another top 4 2 on it here on her can there be other optics career path that I will now do very briefly For research purposes, and funny, here is a 30 millimeter record we then simply screw it in halfway tight afterwards, it looks like this everything is actually very easy everything is really cool the compatibility actually works about the fact that this can not only swap the magazines but it is it is even possible to simply swap the devices with one another The batteries are all the same size, so the batteries that fit the tm fit even with a cinema with the barrels it has to be the same Same places just as the muzzle flashes the greed box among each other are exchangeable as well as that works I shoot for example mean fnp 90 abroad with a gift gearbox from china which runs fully automatically and is also quite high-performance you have to so really say a fine thing inland of course the semi tokio maroh in the box but i can also put it here under each other anytime between that’s really cool the magazines as well as mid caps lock autumn everything from tmg belongs haus saves so everything is really great to include as I said, come a little what I recommend such a link who is wrapping this recording down here sees that then like here at 190 you just have one more thing here then that sounds great could be despite or looks depending on gusto children clapping on it what he wanted that means just there or in hall besides, there’s this accessory here where every day 90 or simply as heart lay and this committee backstop You can just do it back here for overtime if you don’t feel like it to stow the small flap at the back for quick retrieval with this thing, a bit of storage space simply gains even larger batteries rhine build very cool from the natural beauty how it should look a little longer but look great on the shoulder every eye will play at 19 when I think it’s comfortable you can see However, everything in Tokyo was just as important to the protection behavior i play this p90 with the following batteries namely with double stick Batteries with around 1600 milliamps and this is simply a real one normal 9.

6 volt battery this one fits surprisingly well with my tmp 90 unfortunately not so good for that I have something like that have here around a 7.4 preferred with 1500 mAh very much very cool there is one at vega which is very compact in terms of dimensions and as you can see beautifully up here after the debate welt compact is divided simply simply günther all space together and next to it the lid on it has space thick stack stick it is a bit tricky what i do would only connect then up here, the cables are really clean Put neatly in here and then relatively important here with the flap close again it works needs a little luck little feeling with my to be made works unfortunately not so good that’s why I created the rubberized back butt you are right accordingly you can no longer use it in slim as soon as possible you the rubberized back easily creates this recording for a long time circles over the book is no longer possible today the shot ratio in limbo is a bit better than with natural simply also conceptually or the telephone simply much more constant And the krone gives more performance.

The result, yes, almost 13 schools great that year-long run has a good precision for should everything within 25 meters beyond that would be something inaccurate a tile then pretty pretty dusty left bend the final his luck in my tmp 90 1 06 03 built-in it already brings a significant leap in performance the weapon as I said is great for me, absolutely suitable for secure that’s pretty much the best tricks that you can imagine very compact just the run in front of the nose again like I said we can either stop with the red dot shoot that they just leave shipping to you so to speak so relatively high but you have me beautiful yourself blind and that you also today im compared to other 90 it still has all sites and that of course I know now but can see but I still have it here a very, very small hole you come here to look through and then you see here The grain at the front, but that’s also up here so set lets go in with these tools and that screw down very cool the hole, although the first look super small and that’s why goes green works great The incident is quite precise for up to it then the flown turn left but use door handles to remedy the situation gearbox runs clean, everything is very constant, so I couldn’t complain kings works really very well in their first few tests and it’s easy from I have to touch the nicer 90, it’s heavier than that Nonetheless, tokyo wants to be beautiful to wear as I said if now a conclusion had to be drawn between the two I would really not know now for me to decide there the tmg absolutely ingenious popup have both their advantages, their light weight what Personally, I think it’s better to play because you just notice these 2,300 grams really i think both are absolutely great and everyone has said their advantages the gpi it better the complete main deck is better and still short wanted to show, of course, the same script for legibility as both programs also press the button here and then simply pull the get out more aggressive and you already have the withdrawal group on sunday and here is the completely heavy av receiver made of zinc recognize with the run and the main units all very closely and very, very heavy so that’s of course the weight on that thing back there everything is largely the same back in here and neither fits at the carpentry and it was very nice, I can recommend p90 to everyone don’t want anything wrong with that in this sense thank you to see ciao


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