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Killing Me Airsoftly

Killing Me Airsoftly

Clear. Contact! Cover fire! Grenade! You go left! – Who is left? -I’m not sure, just two of us, I think. – There is machine gun at least 140 just above us. – That is a surprise… – Covering! – On the move! Moving! You’re hit! – Guys, this the very last time I was a pointer.

– I’m getting too old for this. That finish was fabulous. – Hurry up, lunch is waiting. – It really hurts, I don’t know what ammo he uses. – It was brilliant acting those falls, wasn’t it? – Yeah, it looked really good.

– I took out three of them. – You crawled there like a little yo-yo. Petyo, you never admit hits. Give me one cigarette, Janko… – What do you say? – Aah, you always win. – Today we crushed them. Do you know why G -Force didn’t come? They went to paint some tanks or what.

– Nothing to be done. – Look! – That is Sugy and his german band. – White-trash and hillbillies. But they’ve got plenty of cash. The elite force came for a visit, look, I’ll shit myself. I watched you to train falls that we will shoot you easier.

You should rather practise admitting the hits. But brother, first you would have to hit me with that junk on your shoulder. Want to taste it? Better taste our meat. Miky, give me the tray! Mitch, come and taste a piece, we have’got plenty.

We could feed the whole regiment. I have to fuck off! – You’re missing out, but nevermind. – See you in the evening. In the pub. – Of course. – So which one my brother? – Well… this one? – OK. – It’s not done yet.

– Shit, than that one. – Neither that one. Russian tanks are moving to the frontal attack, English’re taking defensive stance. The odds in favour of Russians rises to 3.2 Taking the bets. 20 on Russians! 40 on Brits! 3.

5 and rising. The odds are 18:6, should we put money in? Yea, put it in! Put it in! Look, they’ve got no defence! What is the rate? Very friendly. 50 on Brits! Did you hear it? – What is biggest pain for a man? – No.

(excelent joke, hardly translate 🙂 – That reservation, do we have it? – Yep, you’ve got it there. Great, then one espresso and a coke. Russian side is ready to the attack. The odds them winning 4 to 1.

That’s sure thing. Car-keys, watches, gold, golden teeth, everything is acceptable as a bet. I bet my wife on British! We accept wives as well! Bookie, what’s are the odds of Russians winning? Have a drink on me! That’s the true Russian! I’d call it a day, today.

Guys, recently I’ve got an idea – everybody does Americans, French and other fucks. How about prehistoric? First of all the – costumes. The Foam does it all. And what about the trilobites? I’ve got trouble, gentlemen, I have to leave, the baby cries.

.. Because I went to that concert. You can’t imagine masses of people there… Excuse me. Miss… There were too many people even on the poster. – …and there was a little boy playing on a tiny violin.

.. – May I? Where is the loo here? Toillet? It’s written up there. …and that violin was so tiny that no one could see it. And the most interesting thing was – no one could even see that little boy. In fact, the stage was empty, it was quite a weird concert.

What a weird game. Why are we playing with those people? I emptied whole magazine into him. At least one bullet had to hit him. And myself, I did at least three magz and nothing. Myself six from less than two meters, but no chance of admitting it.

Not – admitting assholes! – These people should not be even allowed to play. – A whole mag and noting… Mayka, where is that reserved table? Guys, there was a reservation here, take another table. But where? The bar is full.

Please, do take other seats, these places were reserved. Let them go somewhere else, we came here first. Glasses… Everyone put your glasses on. Contact! Calling for support. The coordinates are Tango, Oscar.

.. – And how about you? -What? – Why are you still sitting? – I wasn’t hit. Guys, you can’t imagine how glad I am that you are here and that you came with your squads. Today I will need everybody available.

– Do you know why I called you? – No. – Today is Saturday February 13th. – And..? – Weren’t you here last year? – I don’t know? It repeats annually. I expect it to start any minute now. The last owner had to close because of that and not just him.

Mayka! – Bring it over! You know what I mean. – Yeap. This is the chronicle of the house. Before it became a pub it was a restaurant, Hobbit’s Inn, jewellery store, a tearoom. I managed to track its history down to the 19th century.

And it seems that every owner had to face the very same problem. That occurs on February 13th. And what is occurring on February 13th? That is the reason I called you in, guys. And what is going to happen here? I’m going to pee.

No! Anything but that! Do not go near the toilet! Well, it appeared about this time last year! What do you have there on the toilet of yours? A monster or what?! Here we are, action, action! Here we are action, action! Action – Special Offer Vodka only for 50 cents! A murder! Anything to drink? Fire! Magazines! – Reloading.

– Reloading. Reloading. And I’m loaded. Fire! Have you seen that? – What was that? – That’s exactly what I’m talking about. What now? Let’s follow him. Alfa to the doors, Bravo follow me. Go ahead! Alfa, what’s your status? I am at the position, nothing suspicious.

– Defend the backdoor, hold your positions. – Roger that and wait for the commands. Bravo, we must go inside. French go first. You know what to do. Undrestood. – Hit! – Hit! What is happening there? We heard some shooting.

Just friendly fire, hold your position. – Roger that. – What is happening? Nothing, just shooting each other. – For how long is respawn? – I do not know, this is somehow weird assignment. This little fella always gets lost but.

.. …finally I’ve got him. Why that toilet must be so far? 150 meters. Do you think that’s far? Bagger, I’ll shit myself here. Man, one’s worried even for a shit hole here. We have to reconstruct this.

There are no money for it. The light does not work. Callin’ main command, how does it look inside? We’ve been covering the corridor, nothing strange here, he may be outside already. Roger that. Please, do leave, no place for civilians here.

– Why? – It’s simply too dangerous, ok? Have you robbed Chinese second-hand? Haven’t you heard? Please, do leave you may get hurt. Asian boot sale quality. What a nice outfit, what are playing at? I repeat, do leave! – They have some kind of V.

I.P. or what. – Listen, fucker, who is kicking us out? I wanted a coffee and all I’ve got is a circus. You’re still not listening, I’m telling you, please do leave. This is a military exercise and it’s for your safety.

– Why are we supposed to fuck off? – It’s all about your health and safety. Bullet proof protection, boys, what is happening here? OK, you have seen all you wanted. I repeat, it’s all about your health and safety.

Fuck off with your health and safety… – You haven’t got it, have you? Fuck out of here! – Forget your coffee and piss off! And do not poke me with that Chinese cheap shit! You had to break the bank for that, hadn’t you? I understand your frustration, no argument there, however, you have to leave.

.. …do not argue with those guys. Alfa, do you read me? Alfa, is anybody there? I never realised how huge it is down here. Nevermind, we will split now. Two of you go that way, you come with me. Have you noticed? Every time the group splits in the movie, one party doesn’t make it.

Then I hope I am not in a the wrong one. That depends who is the leading star. Are you the leading star? Of course I am. And how many times were you on the camera. On whose camera? On this movie camera.

What? They are shooting us. Who? A cameraman. Pikaso. He is an idiot. You are not supposed to say that. We are just acting, pretending. You stay with the script. I can fuck the script! We have here walking monster from the 15th century in the toilets and you are pretending this to be a movie.

I should rather stay at home. You are turning into a nutter because you’re gazing to the TV for far too long. And that is the point, it’s all there. All I say, we just need to watch out. Come on Beastie.

Let’s go! Oh God, what a trash can is here. Watch your steps! Poor wee Beastie, love, didn’t that brute hurt you? I know that we are in a wrong group. That was clear from the very beginning when they put us up together.

Finally, the toilets are just behind the corner. Get ready! Clear. Clear. Oh man! Since the last shooting, somebody redid the paint. We are in a shit hole now. Hi Mitch! Loos are clear. No, I mean there is nobody here.

Tell him that toilet paper is missing. Have you heard him? The toilet paper is missing again. OK, we are coming back. Move a little. What are you doing? There are no midges. No midges, but bats. So watch your hair.

211 00:32:46,40 –> 00:32:48:37 What was that? Shooting what else? I thought you farted. Nutcase, hurry up, we’ll join them from the back and there is no waiting for the can. A mousy bitch! What? I said mousy bitch not Mitch.

It was only mouse, Mitch. What? Nothing, Mitch, I am just confused. That was just a mousy bitch. I know. Quite. 221 00:33:11,38 –> 00:33:14:25 So watch your feet. Aniky? Birny? If that was that can of yours –I am going to kill it.

Aniky! Shit! So what now, Beastie pup? We shouldn’t leave him despite him being a jerk. Well, we have to help him. Hold on Aniky! I forgive you, you bastard. That’s blood. That’s Aniky’s blood. Shit! What is happening? Batteries.

What’s that? Beasty love? Wait. Where are you going? Wait for me, don’t be a fool. Where are you hiding? What is now! There is no time for playing now. You know what happens when you do not listen. Guys, where are you? Beasty.

This is not funny anymore. I know it, we are in bad squad. Beasty pup! Beasty? Mitch? My beastie pup, who did this to you? Who did this to you? How could a human do thing like this? That’s Birny. That was Birny.

– Covering! – Moving! Moving! Covering! Wait! Covers down, we would look like nuts. Where do you have the covers? What happened? – We are fucked. – What now? I don’t know. Anybody who wants, may go home.

Mayka. I didn’t manage the dishes, I’ll do them tomorrow. OK then, bye. What are we going to do? I’m not shure. We must get him. I have claymores. I don’t know. – What are you waiting for, bring them on! – Hurry! – Which ones are these? – The real ones.

Is there any waiter here? We would like another coffee. – Are you still here? – Where is everybody? It’s a long story. You are a sniper right? And father is the spotter. Mitch! Take the positions. Show yourself, you bastard.

How could he get there? You hold the window, I’ll do the stairs. A crazy fuck! Guys, what the fuck is going on here? It’s sick. But what should I think about it? That guy had to come from another age.

You know, nothing really surprises me anymore. I believe anything is possible. My friend, for instance he’s got a fridge and it’s always empty. And what’s strange with that? But it is empty even when he puts something in.

He does his usual grocery shopping yougurth, eggs, ham he puts all in the fridge, veg in the bottom and closes and when he opens it, it’s empty. He started to suspect his wife of night snacking but once, by chance immediately after he put the grocery within the fridge, he opened it again to find it empty.

And explain that. I had a colleague and his wife used to knit him a jumper. You know, during the watching evening TV. One warm pleasant evening she completed that jumper. It was quit late by then when she made a last knot and that crazy jumper jumped on her and image, it grapped her by her throat.

Her luck was that her guy was at home. He rushed in, being a cop knowing fighting tricks grounded that jumper and kept it on the floor and he had to keep it there until she ripped it out to the very last knot.

Only then that son of bitch stopped. Awfull. You man, that’s disgusting. Yak, that’s disgusting. Dad, that would do. Let’s go, it is becoming heavy here. You run, we are covering you. Where are they going? – What frequence? – Channel 12.

Hallo? And what do you need? Size 30. Little barrel, size 30, dark and bright mixed, as usual and the large barrel of lager and some non-alcoholic. Barrels for exchange? Nope, as usual. Thanx. Wait, we will drop this little baby in.

And he is out. Janek! Janek! Target? That one with the helmet. Are you sure? Not like the last time when we took that fisherman out. Distance? Six-eight. – Wind direction? – Two from the right. I can’t see him.

Impossible. Sorry, dad. Hold on! Target moved. – Distance? – Three, four. – Wind direction? – Six, eight. Shoot! Shoot! What was that? Who was that crazy fuck? He wasn’t crazy. It was a spacetime loop.

It opens each year. Do you mean he was for real? Too real! Once I read such a book… …sci-fi… Apparently there are such places on the Earth, which may turn into some kind of a gate and transport a human through the time.

So what if our loo is such a place? Listen, the loo is so messy, that I wouldn’t be too surprised if a timescale loop appeared there as well. Probably they know when the time gate opens and they wait for the very right moment.

– And what do they want here? – Why do they always return? They search for something perhaps… Taking the bets.


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