Hello Welcome back at my Youtube channel. It took me a while, but I finally managed to edit the footage of my gameplay. Lay_Low and I are… in the red team. The gamemode is Kill the hostage. The mission area is an old hospital in Belgium.

There were 3 playable floors. My team (red) started at the ground floor. The blue team’s respawn was on the third floor. Sadly just after starting the blue team rushed via the spiral staircase to our spawn.

Killing a lot of my team members. But an alert team member eliminated them before they did more harm. On the first floor… are 3 hostages. The goal of the blue team was to defend them. We had to take the bomb.

.. to one of the hostages and activate it. While the bomb timer was ticking down, we had to defend the bomb. Until the bomb explodes. If the blue team should’ve disabled the bomb. We had to take the bomb bake to our respawn.

.. and try to kill an other hostage. The blue team tried… to keep is from going up… by shooting us from the third floor. So we tried to eliminate them. I managed to hit one of them. but they were still with more up there.

Because of our suppressing fire… they didn’t have a chance to shoot back. so one of us rushed upstairs. But on the first floor the blue team was waiting for us. the player that rushed up quickly came back down.

.. because he was dead. We weren’t really useful at the first stairs. So Lay_Low and I tried to go up at the second staircase. Just when we arrived at the first floor… some of my team members were killed.

So we tried to clear this area *indistinct chatter* This is one of the hostages that we managed to secure. We used this one as the backup hostage. If we should fail to defend the bomd, wich was already planted.

.. at an other hostage. We would bring the bomb to this hostage. We only had to defend this hostage… as long as the bomb was counting down. So if it would be necessary we could rapidly replant the bomb *indistinct chatter* In front of us was the second spiral staircase.

So we had to clear these rooms before we were going to defend the hostage. At this moment is was all clear. When we came back to the hostage some of the blue team rushed downstairs. Gladly we prevented that from happening.

But we didn’t killed them all. One of them flanked us and killed me. (me over radio *Back in*) Just Lay_Low survived the brutal attack from the blue team at the hostage. *indistinct chatter* Via our radio Lay_Low asked me to come back up.

So I tried to go back up. Just when I arrived… a player of the blue team… shot my team members. Marshall shouting: 5 Minutes before the bomb goes off! So we had to defend for 5 more minutes. To be sure.

.. we were going to defend… this hostage till the end. Also because we suspected that the blue team had no idea where the bomb was. They were pushing at all the hostages with the hope to secure one of them.

Clearly we had control of all the hostages. *indistinct chatter* (Lay_Low killed Tango’s) *indistinct chatter* *indistinct chatter over radio* *indistinct chatter over radio* After waiting for the enemy to attack.

.. they suddenly rushed at our positions. *indistinct chatter over radio* In the heat of the first contact, our teammate was killed. Only Lay_Low and I remained at the hostage. At the spiral staircase was a sniper.

So we couldn’t use the balcony to hide. *indistinct chatter over radio* The blue team was slowly pushing they were really working together with their team. They used the silence to locate where we were.

*Lay_Low coughing* So it was no problem for them to find and kill Lay_Low. I tried to listen aswell with the best hope to kill them. I heard someone at the balcony. But he wasn’t alone and I was shot in my back.

*Horn going off* Just after I was shot, the bomb went off. It was the sweet sound of our victory. *indistinct chatter* Thank you for watching! See you next time.


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