Home Airsoft Funny Moments Kalamazoo Airsoft // EPIC FAIL! // 2014

Kalamazoo Airsoft // EPIC FAIL! // 2014

Kalamazoo Airsoft // EPIC FAIL! // 2014

oh my god yeah they get I was recording oh my god that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen No all three boys Logan hey hey where you going oh hey you want to go through this hole is to get to your the objective of this round is to get to your color hole and spin it and get the point there in from the church there rigs for a buy a jello it’s visible from your guyses no sorry yellow is visible from your gut from the bay door they yours is visible from their door so even the holy night they can still get you um each crank is an apple point at the end of the match wolfsie will kind of the points in whichever team has more wins red team are you ready veteran guy me back TV you cover here like alright mid-game interview we are slaughtering we are scouring every single point got anything to say I do dum diggity


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