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Be careful Contact on the second floor You can move Gueby Go I need you to cover that window I’m going up Done My hop-up is too high and the wind does not help me Gueby: The bad thing is that after a while the bb catches inwards Gueby: Wow, empty mag? Yep Gueby: 120rds? 140rds Gueby: Happy trigger OK, contact on the terrace of the house Call it, call it Gueby: He just rubbed his arm Three more there Careful, take cover He’s on the other room I think it’s Janiel Gueby: Serious? I guess Looks like We have friendlys down there If you take my place you can take him out We have to watch that building Careful, careful.Take cover I need you to cover my right They are coming back They are shooting me.I don’t know from where. We are movng to the last house on the right I’m getting close Contact on the left MOVE! MOVE! .


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