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Jolly Roger Airsoft Holiday Special 2013

Jolly Roger Airsoft Holiday Special 2013

like I was talking okay I got you we’ve had a fantastic year here at Jolly Roger airsoft and today is the day where we celebrate all those great moments and events and other things put together in a video form edited together with a bunch of clips and put some music that soothes the ears and the eyes so without further ado I’m just going to jump right in this is the Jolly Roger airsoft holiday special that’s cool we had a bunch of great loadouts this year and all the more unique in their own special ways well none of them match the superb quality of mine some were pretty close and some were downright creative of our other guys loadouts two of them that plan where a hydration carrier oh you could find a military jet the apocalypse I thought casually good stuff or something but it is apocalyptic and it is very notable apocalyptic a cure for exploring new genre fiction I have a slave that made out of self anyway it’s got the crane stock with battery goes and literally so didn’t stapled duct tape a shoulder pad to it to his combat got extra bullets on the side of it is he’s loading my gun wait yeah we had a lot of great operations this year to it was a very interesting year for those events we had everything from apocalypse to tribal warfare two rebellion it was just a very unique experience this year and we had a lot of great moments from those trips whoo there were pencils with cheddar chocolate sports bar does sometimes of course what would we be doing if we forgot all the quality and intelligent conversation that we had here at Jolly Roger airsoft it’s quite mind-blowing fashion so you personally wit ramen buddy so our holiday special this year and really Jolly Roger airsoft it’s been an amazing year for us here we’ve improved so much even in just the last year I’ve learned a lot and I can’t wait to keep going into the into the 2014 so yeah thanks for being around thanks for supporting us and making these fun videos I really really we all love making these videos and having a good time here so we got a lot of cool stuff coming up soon new operations new other things that we’re going to be doing video series all that stuff and maybe something a little special for a thousand subs winky face so yeah stay tuned for the old that we’ll get to that in the new year so for 2013 this is noble signing off guys peace out you


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