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JLOVES URBAN RECON airsoft loadout.

JLOVES URBAN RECON airsoft loadout.

j.lo and their guns airsoft and this is a loadout video okay so I guess we’ll start with the gun it’s basically it was a gene G cm16 long version but it’s been upgraded all the crap and pretty much it’s just a totally rebuilt gun to DMR or I used as a DMR got good range to it because jump in net as you can tell this is a recon loadout so then we’ll go to the head this is a where’s that stable time vtech very tactical is a BTEC just a flying hat black cap whatever going to call it I I just wear it with this load out it looks for the nice glasses in the you put our the ear piece right here run a midland radio this thing said a 20 mile radius they’re really nice and they are not very expensive you can get a lot of airsoft GI or I gotta be straight out the middle of website they come with you get to ear pieces to go with them they got really good they work really good interview pop stars just some protective glasses so I know a brand-new yards picked them up one day I got this is a condor chest rig it’s more stomach Rick with the Chester throughout what it is it’s gonna go autos bottom of airsoft GI it’s condo over Chester and I got the hydro harness on the back so I took you just take the straps off of it and you could hide your harness in its place so wheres it’s like a hydration holder hydration bladder holder and chest rig at the same time so you don’t you have less straps and its just oh one piece thing ok Oh pants well this is to actually i forgot to be evil got a BTU bill it’s Condor so that’s not really important that dance or steel Eagle they are just tactical pants ten more like an off-white and the boots are Texas steer tan boots about them at a flea market actually really cheap yeah it’s not it it’s really not that big of a load out Scott your mag pouches across here utility pouch oh yeah one last thing for two last things comment sure is a rothko all black combat shirt I bought it at a local retailer for is pretty pricey is about 50 bucks so yeah kind of a single patch as you can see we’ve got a black patch and these gloves are already know Brandi are since I’ve Leduc works but they’re just fingerless gloves they work really good i like to fingerless that you can grab all your stuff without trouble without taking your gloves off work really good it’s about it that’s all load up so sign it off


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