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JG M16 Airsoft Review

JG M16 Airsoft Review

hey guys this is jason for mercenary aerosol I’m here doing another airsoft review this time it is about the jg w 16 also known as the m16 i got this a really long time ago off of a airsplat for one hundred and forty dollars and it shoots about 350 FPS to run 400 FPS and it is actually really accurate and really powerful and I really like it I just don’t use it that much I want to tell you what’s a plastic and what’s metal stock back here it’s plastic right here this whole middle part is plastic along with the grip the trigger and this barrel cover and of course the orange tip now what’s metal is the iron sight the front sight the barrel the mag and the back and front sling mount all right now the specs of this thing a selector switch is right here saved a semi and a full auto right here is the mag release push this button and the back comes out right here is you push this little trigger it right here you pull this whole thing back open to dust flap which is broken stays open and it reveals to hop up right here see this gun weighs about maybe around six pounds I guess it’s pretty good to hold I’ve held better guns but this is not that bad actually I like it’s pretty comfortable holding up here the stock isn’t really that comfortable because there’s no rubber and sometimes the sling mount actually gets into your shoulder and the grip holding trigger is actually pretty good easy to turn maneuver with overall really like this gun it was my first electric airsoft gun glad it was my first I liked it and yeah i guess i’ll do a shooting test now alright first I’m going to shoot this on semi-automatic know if you can tell in the video but this is actually pretty loud now fully automatic actually this gun James pretty much so I’m going to show you how to unjam it or take it apart if you ever need to alright this going to actually kind of gems quite often but it’s pretty is it on Jam actually I need is something to poke pinout recommend using some like a screwdriver alright what you would do is see this pin right here push it right through on the other side pull it out and then this whole upper part come up there we go down here that barrel is right down here stick your finger in there kind of hard to get out slippery all right here just take this right out slick the end Gemma Gras down there babies come out the other side and then you just stick it right back in it upside down though because I after you do that a lot now I’m putting it back together these flaps right here it’s on the other side you have to make sure they go inside the gun kind of annoying sometimes and then you stick the pin back in where it came out and there we go all right this is the JJ m16 or w16 and Jason for mercenary airsoft and goodbye


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