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JG/ASG Ingram Mac 10 AEP Airsoft Review

JG/ASG Ingram Mac 10 AEP Airsoft Review

hey youtube Adam halston here back again for another airsoft video review spin a quite a long time I realize s because I’ve been focusing a lot more on my career which I’ve now gotten sorted I’m now qualified fitness instructor and fitness consultant so I got all that sorted but I’ve not had a lot of chance to play airsoft which is why it’s not being any reviews but recently got my button gear gotten back into it even got the misses going brilliant fun but because of that I did have to sell a few my weapons gotten some new ones though all good to go and today we’re actually going to look at one of them which is this it’s my mac-10 it’s an ASG one so it’s a clone of Tokyo Marui the website I got it from airsoft world geez guys had it on sale force I think he was 79 99 and I believe they stated it as and it’s a jg mac-10 so yeah it was okay price wise it was nice and good it was cheap it was primarily meant for a sidearm but unfortunately in one of my skirmishes my l85 couldn’t be used because it was running too hot and I had a massive hot problem and trying to have a look at the hop-up unit now see if I can fix it but it’s not my specialty so I was running around with this all day which is not ideal but it was surprisingly cool so when you get the gun get it in the box obviously I’m not going through it because if you want to look at the Box buy the gun look at someone else review I really don’t care you get a gun you get with it a high-capacity magazine which holds 480 rounds you get your battery which is a mini battery which is an AEP one because it’s a battery operated gun not gas usually go see your charger and you get a suppressor and a bb’s and manual Fenian rather elaborate yeah so yeah like I said it’s an electric one a lot of people when I had this on site they thought it was a gas one and they were very very surprised because looking at it it looks very very similar to some of the ones that you’ve got out there a gas blowback versions but if you live in a colder climate it’s really really useful to have the electric ones because they’re going to be a lot more reliable they’re going to be cheaper to run and again you can use it in pretty much everything it’s primarily made of glass I’m not gonna go to what it is because one I don’t know and two I don’t care is plastic she want metal fine it’s got some metal parts if you want it all metal me doesn’t always have to be all-male but metal wise so you’ve got your outer barrel you’ve got your front sling mount your front sight charging handle you’ve got your magazine release couple of screws and your extendable stock so yeah but yeah features of gun fires semi-automatic and fully automatic hop-up adjustment all that normal stuff but we’ll move from the front backwards and take you from there so you’ve got your front outer barrel here you’ve got some friends on it as standard which can be used to mount in your suppressor at the moment it’s not loaded it is got the battery in it it’s got some charge surprising thing is though once you screw it on it does increase the size of it especially if you extend the size off your stock about the same size as my l85 as a matter of fact so fairly fairly long but the suppressor does have a small effect on it bear in mind it’s not loaded it’s gonna be a bit louder but if I take it off safe and fire for example a little bit more muffled but if I take the suppressor back off again a little bit louder cuz you can hear the gearbox it’s more of a silly fun feature but kind of cool all made of plastic but whether if you don’t want to you can always just unscrew even more of the outer barrel because the front part does come off where you can see some different threading here so you could whack on flash hiders and smaller suppressors whatever you fancy to be fair I quite like it as it is and you don’t often see many people running around with these sorts of things anyway sirs more of a feature you also got your front sling mount which is here you could get on you might have seen on cool and call of duties or countless strike I don’t know you might have seen some of like the the grips that you can get ahold of made of material you can get those doesn’t come with it as standard but you can again source it if you want and so yeah about that on the very top of the gun you’ve got your charging handle as most guns are put it back exposes your hop-up where the bullets would normally be ejected which is here standard hop design it’s a bigger wheel turn it towards the back the the gun it gives you more hop-up to push it forwards gives you less and just let’s bring it forward it goes doesn’t sound fantastic but it’s again the nice features have on there but you can mainly use it for accessing the hopper on this side the gun here you’ve got your selector switch for semi-automatic over here click it over full auto in fully automatic it’s enough spray pretty well and obviously semi as fast as you can pull the trigger good trigger response really really good and what I found with my particular version though it loves going to semi-automatic going into full auto it’s not stiff but it just takes a little bit more persuasion just it’s got more of a feeling to it but it likes to just swing back over to it’s a semi mode just it feels that put more comfy there I’m guessing the gun likes got a nice positive click too as well so you can always hear if you’re gonna be changing it well anyway on the opposite side the gun right in front of your trigger guard which is made of plastic you’ve got your rail system so if you wanted you could put on all sorts of different things from scopes to scope 20 put a scope on the bottom a uses flashlights or whatever but you will also want to be able to fire it so for that you’ve got to do two things one you love so you have to take it off a safe mode which is here just in front your trigger guard push it forwards it’s in fire put it to walls you nice and safe putting it into fire on my version it’s really really stiff it might just need a little bit of looping and oiling but it’s quite a stiff thing I’m not sure if it’s my one but hey ho so that’s what you have to do good placement but if you have it unsafe and you put your finger in there and you’re not ready you can scrape it up but again who cares but you need to make sure your batteries in so you can fire it so to do that you got a little pin here which is hiding just push it in and then it will become exposed a little bit and then just underneath your rail system is a little kind of button II lever thing just push it more in towards the gun and your front assembly here will come off what you can see you’re out a barrel put on the little tab and you can put out your battery which as I said is the mini AE p1 which is a 7.

2 volt 650 milliamp battery again because it’s a clone of tokyo marui model it will accept all of the TM parts so you can get their batteries their magazines all sorts of things for even internally you could wire it up so it’s on a different battery system so it’s easier if you fancy I like it as it is and again as a sidearm you’ve probably not going to be using it too much unless your main goes down or if you run out of ammo or you need something quick but again fairly cool don’t see these often in the field so it’s a nice thing anyway so yeah you’ve got all of that so once you get your battery in you can take it off safe set your mode fire you’ve also got a couple of little markings on it as well which is Ingram m10 which stands for mac-10 swd incorporated Atlanta GA USA and you’ve also got your ASG marking up there for the guys that make it as well as your safe and semi so safe and fire semi full auto and you’ve also got a little serial number which is just on the grip don’t know if it’s individual don’t care whatever feels quite comforting when you hold it in your hand be it weird at first and you might also find that because of the way that the trigger guard is if you don’t hold it correctly you will end up having your finger just on top of it and it rubs and it gets a bit uncomfortable magazine release as I said is on the grip just here little button II bit so you just pull push that down and you can take out your magazine so it does come standard with a high-capacity magazine you should probably all know how to use them but in case you don’t it’s open up a little tab on the top here pouring all your bb’s blah blah blah whiney where that bottom fighter don’t like high caps myself I did buy another one just because I needed a backup anyway but yeah again cuz it’s a Tokyo everyone you can get all of the mid-cap magazines and such as well which I’ve got one here I think this one holds 68 rounds from Tokyo a very cool thing is it’s got a little ball bit just up here and what that will do is that will feed every single round so every single one a guy out there would be used as opposed to fire pull it out and if a couple fall out it’s a shame they don’t have this on all of them because on every single gun that would be brilliant and yes it’s a bit of money but it’s nicer because you know when you’re out of ammo properly and you’ve also got on the mid-cap the fake feeder Pierce which pushes down just for style and looks with the high cap so you still do the same thing pull the little leaf down and pull it out but it does take a little bit more force not stiff it’s just it’s definitely in place it’s not going anywhere with the mid cap on the other hand nice and light good and smooth it’s got a tiny bit of wobble but you can just push it and it will come out but because of the positioning of it is very unlikely that you’d ever do that accidentally which is great and then I’ll see on the back you put your rear sight system not a big fan of it but you’re supposed to look through these apertures here look at the front sight post if you can see pretty a funny angle and in fire but a lot of people don’t use it for that now what I’ve actually been using it for is a sling point but I got a single point sight which was for it after trying an mp5k and mac-10 one didn’t work at all because the placement of it was terrible didn’t fit the magazines and everything so I’ve got the single point sling here which I had to file down to fit it in here it’s now klippstein perfectly see you can just have it hooked over your body I’ll see you have it all the way around have it hanging by your side and it’s really good to swing out before when you need it magazines though because they are so large it’s about the size of a Thompson bag really so they’re very very big it’s hard to find pouches for them so you can use Thompson ones and all that sort of stuff but one I’ve been using surprisingly is a p90 magazine pouch it’s got two little holders in it this yawns made by Viper so you could pop in a magazine in the front and a magazine in the rear so you can hold two one in the gun so you’re all ready to go and that way you’ve got your mag pouch soit works very very well and then finally towards really gun you’ve got your sight your see point you’ve got your stock made of metal little bit loose but again it’s not gonna go anywhere unless you tell it to and to do that you’ve got little thin bits on the bottom of it you push those in together and you can freely swing it and lock it in place so you’ve got it here you have it really really close in if you fancy it it should be a bit awkward or there’s a little button just here just towards the rear of the gun you push that in and you can extend your stock even further so that’s it in its longest position so you can have it a lot easier but because of the way that the metal stock is it does slip a little bit on clothing not very comfortable but again hey hey who cares this is airsoft and if you want you can even fully remove it and give it a completely different look by again still pushing your button just pull the stock out completely and it gives it an entirely new look even with the suppressor on I personally prefer it with the stock on so again you just push it up button click it in to me it looks nicer yeah anyhow who cares and to be fair that is about it with regards to this weapon so like I said really really good rate of fire as you probably heard when I put on for the automatic but ft/s voice surprisingly it’s not bad for a backup weapon as an AEP you’re gonna be looking anywhere between 200 and 230 feet per second out the box roughly where mine was when I got it crow note even if it was a cold dated in snow it’s freezing couldn’t feel my hands very very good day though but yeah feet per second wise fairly average for what is basically a sidearm and considering it’s electric that’s very impressive range wise as well you’ve also got your barrel take this off which goes from around here to here fairly short but range wise you’re looking okay at about sort of 4050 metres bit hard to hit further than that you still hit a target but it’s a bit hitting this because again short barrel but you can do modifications to it take off the upper receiver and change things over from there is primarily meant as a sidearm so close quarters kind of stuff if you’re in urban is great but it also you need a backup weapon just for again close quarters or if you’re a sniper perfect example if you happen to be a sniper and you need to have a backup weapon because you can’t fire it at close ranges this is gonna be good because again okay range but you’ve got semi-automatic like a pistol but you’ve also got full auto because you can take if you really want hi-cap mag so you can have 480 rounds in one of these or you can have floor this feeding through a mid-cap like this and just spray and it’s a really really satisfying weapon to do and because you don’t often see you on the field because a lot of them at gas versions which aren’t which go through gas guzzlers like you’ve never seen that’s what they call gas guzzlers it’s a really really cool thing a lot of people will drop their jaws thinking oh my god it’s a gas version that’s me out of a go tell them it’s battery it’s like you’re kidding me but it’s a fairly good weapon so I’ll give you a little quick shooting this my target is quite a good distance the weight way over there I’m not going to do in practice because I can’t bother so normally when you find you would want a bond airsoft classes just bet your eyes but because my target is a long way away I’m going to be okay here I highly recommend wearing glasses whenever you shoot I also show you what it’s like with a suppressor on as well some what I’m gonna do stock out for comfort mid-cap magazines I prefer yeah I do that but I like it says semi-automatic without suppressing still fairly calm it but if you whack on your suppressor on the other hand a baby on it will Muffy muffle your shot it’s just a little bit more gives it an entirely different sound and again makes you look like a badass but if I fire off the rest of the rounds in fully automatic then you say it’s really close right here so really good rate of fire in a tiny little package nice and cheap surprisingly good finish even if mine is extremely about all warm and it’s not going to put a massive massive grin on your face but it just one is something very rare that you see on the field two looks really good free fantastic sidearm fairly good range but you’ve also got the options go for the automatic so it’s a think of it as a much bigger version of a Glock but a tiny little rifle think of it as a mix between the two if you didn’t want something smaller so you’ve got four like block 18 seize em so you could look at varieties like that or the m93 R which is gonna be obviously giving you free round bursts there’s a variety of different things but something you don’t often see if you do something like Vietnam loadouts really really cool or if you happen to do terrorist scenarios or whatever it helps to fit into that look as well so again fairly fairly decent feet-per-second very very good rate of fire with the stock battery because I’ve not done anything to this at all and for the price that I got it out on their soft world for around 80 pounds at the time because I don’t know how much it is now is that when you’re watching it for the price I got it at it was an absolute steal and I highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a fully automatic sidearm something badass or just something cool to answer your collection but yeah keep your eyes open there’ll be another airsoft video of you coming up in the near future it will be for a replacement for my l85 which is gonna be an Asia electric gun g36c just because again airsoft world had it cheap I need a new one I can do different stuff to it so keep your eyes peeled for it play safe have fun and I’ll hopefully see some of you guys on the field possibly even over the so take it easy guys and keep on airsoft it


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