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Jet “Desertfox” Airsoft Tactical Loadout | Airsoft Megastore

Jet “Desertfox” Airsoft Tactical Loadout | Airsoft Megastore

hey what’s up airsofters this is jet desert fox and today i’m going to go over my flag gear loadout alright starting from the top down I’ve got my bump helmet with V lights my replay 1080 with external battery pack and helmet light next I’ve got just my regular ballistic goggles I like these are very very comfortable and breathe really well from the little openings here on the bottom alright next I’ve got my fly rrv this is a really awesome lightweight plate carrier and chest rig in case you don’t want anything on your back or you’re going to run run a very light setup on my fly RV I’ve got a admin pouch this is where I put my desert fox patch up Maps pens any other miscellaneous equipment that I might need on the field moving down I have a triple magazine holder next I’ve got the fly our RV single point bungee sling I prefer this sling because it’s less cumbersome and less entangling on me and it’s easier to transition between shoulder to shoulder with one single point and if I need to disconnect it quick disconnect now I don’t have to run the sling at all alright on my hands I’ve got the mechanics where impact two gloves these gloves are very very durable as you can see there’s a lot of padding on the palm and padding on the knuckle and on your fingers it sucks to get shot in the fingers and these gloves provide padding on your fingers and on your fingertips as well alright next my belt on my for my belt I’m using the fly gear duty belt on the belt I have a double stack magazine pouch for more m4 mags and a dump pouch obviously to put all the empty mags and any other miscellaneous miscellaneous things that I might pick up on the field and finally my gun I’m using the elite force force ers this is Om by vfc this is a solid m4 platform and you can see it’s got the quad rails I’ve got a vertical grip tech box red dot sight this gun usually Kronos in around 400 feet per second straight out of the box is a very solid solid m4 platform and I recommend picking one up are you ready to talk now be sure to subscribe to airsoft Megastore desert fox airsoft and war fighter yourself


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