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JE SUIS UN GROS RAGEUX / PAG 01 / SRS / RunCam 4k (feat kozak, Moud)

JE SUIS UN GROS RAGEUX / PAG 01 / SRS / RunCam 4k (feat kozak, Moud)

hello folks it’s diaboloman I play in France with my primary SRS I use the runcam4k for the first time I’m with 2 others youtubers, KOZAK and Moud you can find their video in description below don’t forget to like and subscribe bim headshot 🙂 right in the helmet left hand side he retreat bim .

..oh no missed him beautiful got him gopro battery crush so no sound here the players tell me I just brush him and hard to see on camera back on classic footage bad luck hit the Stack oh fuck this … (little poney) this one I will destroy him this guys hit me 3/4 times that’s why left hand side behind the green mesh i try to hit him but he is well hide got him or not ? AFTER SO MUCH SHOT THIS IS THE SHOOTT !!! Ah finally good I shot him *** you harass me soo much haha you too my scopecam didn’t record but here it’s a duel against KOZAK oh !! he hit my scope and this bastard hit my SRS right in the scope we can see the bb marks *** (little poney) take this I decide to hide myself where I hit the last guy slip not controlled kozak hit me on my knee bastard he shot me just here oh that’s hurt, like he threw me a rock airsoft it’s know how to give and especially to receive they coming I got him ? – yes he is dead – goog play – lol I Finaly hit Kozak thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to watch my friend’s video and like subscribe comment and share and what do you think about the new scopecam see you next time


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