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IWA 2019 – Lancer Tactical и BO Manufacture

IWA 2019 – Lancer Tactical и BO Manufacture

General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” We are near the American company Lancer Tactical stand And here we were shown their production Firstly this is the M4 rifles line With the polymer receiver Polymer handguard Polymer buttstock tube There are standard gearbox (2 version) and standard hop-up (2 version) inside But the main feature is the price of 100$ Wherein Rifles are rather good assembled As I understand the material is nylon staple For an additional small price of 15 $ It is possible to get the version with electronic detent One more feature is Half-year guarantee from manufacturer So if you don’t touch the construction and don’t tune it And use it “from the box” So the manufacturer gives the half-year guarantee The line includes several models They are differ in buttstock, kits, handguards And the barrel length Also they produce the budget version M40A3 The price is about 100 $ The manufacture also has the ProLine seria It can be called the middle segment rifle The price is about 20 000 RUB They are differ from base in Handguard, top and low receiver, buttstock tube and barrel are made from aluminium alloy Also there are versions with and without electronic detent Even in the base there is electronic key There is also an Alpha Skeleton rifle line They are also presented in several colors Carbine and CQB size The feature is that the buttstock in this rifle Has an additional compartment for additional magazine The spring Barrett version We are near the American airsoft company BO Manufacture stand Shotguns are presented on the stand There are spring models Are fully made from polymer Can shoot three BBs As I understand from the standard Shell There are also more interesting versions From Premium segment These are shotguns with aluminium receiver Buttstock and handle are from polymer Polymer and movable handguard, and they work on CO2 They also can shoot three BBs They work from the standard Shell Move the handguard very easy Besides CO2 version There is the HPA version That is You buy regulator, HPA cylinder, install them and play The price of these models is about 400 $ The price of budget variant is about 100 $


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