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General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” We finally reach the ICS stand And now we are tasting the product which you asked to show PM from ICS It works on CO2 The CO2 balloon is inside the handle Magazines are like in PM from Gletcher Well-known It was made from two halves, doesn’t move The regulation of hop-up is made by this screw I’ll say right away that this is a prototype The serial product will be later Now pre-orders are going There is only prototype at the exhibition One of details was crushed because the material was plastic The original will be made from metall There will be silenсer adapter There is the plastic insert on the prototype The original will be from metall The main thing in this gun will be working hop-up Slide doesn’t move And it will be a good competitor for MK23 Socom Because of You can instal the silencer on this adapter The insides of the silencer are shown Judging by the manufacturer comments this thing really muffles the sound The silencer will be made in two variants Fullsized version And shorted version So we get the gun without blow-back With working hop-up More compact than MK23 Socom And it works quietly So it must shoot far and quiet We also try it in practice Now that’s all The next new product was shown us Limited edition CXP-MARS Titanium grey I don’t know if the camera shows the right colour, because it’s really cool The most interesting is inside this rifle There is separate gearbox Сonsisting of two halves There is an electronic detent Electronic control unit with different fire modes There is also the function of self diagnosis The rifle can show to its owner about the problems In motor, block of the gear, or may be the problems in the battery The most of parts of gearbox are standard AEG type And there are other details For example Another tappet is obviously installed Hop-up is standard In this model is a shutter stroke imitation Hop-up is rotatory Regulation is standard The battery is in the buttstock The next new product from ICS which you asked me to show detailed This is the HERA ARMS CQR carbine The feature is that The part of the options is the original options from HERA ARMS This is the German company which make carbines and options For example there is the real handle from battle carbine And the buttstock The other parts for example handguard and the handle are Licensed parts from HERA ARMS They were optimised for AEG For example the handle because of the motor The inner part is standard CXP The gearbox consists of two parts Inside this model there are electronics, electronic detent and self diagnosis Besides this, there is a simplified model Which is a bit cheaper But there aren’t electronics, electronic detent and self diagnosis Magazines are standard for Ms Virtually no backlash The rifle is very well assembled All parts are monolithic Nothing backlash Also there is the black version The bunker magazine is installed One more new product from ICS This is budget Ms Which’s called PELEADOR Top and lower receiver, handguard are made from polymer Buttstock and handle are the same The buttstock tube is made from aluminium alloy The barrel is made from aluminium alloy, plastic flash cover The main feature is the low price This is the budget segment And the low weight It’s weight only 2,2 kg, very light This is separate gearbox So cylinder-piston group and gears are in different parts Not attached to each other Lower part of the gearbox doesn’t affect on the coaxiality Top part of gearbox and hop-up must be maximal coaxial This model doesn’t have electronic detent and electronics It’s simplified But there is electronic key Because of two parts in gearbox You don’t disassemble it to reach the other details The wires are brought into a separate channel Which is just below the buttstock tube Due to this a little more space for battery The magazine is sitting very tight Surprisingly no backlash One more new product from ICS A compact BLE XPD gun The main feature is compact size It’s addicted to safety There are three safeties One of them is like in Colt One of them is like in Glock And one more mechanical safety is on RIS bar That is Unlocking magazine button is two-way Right and left side You can use both sides for unlocking magazine Disassembled the gun as follows Here you need to turn this lever up Which is very unusual Hop-up is regulated by the wheel


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