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IWA 2018! – Evolution Airsoft Stand | SCHARFE und AIRSOFT Waffe in einer?! [ENG SUBTITLES]

IWA 2018! – Evolution Airsoft Stand | SCHARFE und AIRSOFT Waffe in einer?! [ENG SUBTITLES]

So guys we’re at Evolution now We’ll show you the booth now Let’s start here, this is the highlight at Evolution Did you already show it? It’s a prototype of a pistol And the idea is really crazy They’re trying to downgrade a real pistol They try to combine a real pistol, an airsoft pistol and an air pistol in one model.

Never heard of this before They produce in Italy So they imagine it like this that someone can buy an armed pistol Did you recognize this? – Yes I did So he buys a pistol And he can downgrade it do an airsoft weapon or an air weapon The other way round it only works from airsoft weapon to air weapon This means They want to minimize the safety issues So you can’t buy an airsoft pistol to built an armed pistol The other way round it works Never seen this before Let’s go over there Right for the german market they’ve got something special It’s an ETS unit.

So we’ve got a gear box and you can build everything in, like mosfet or ETS Everything from Evolution itself So pretty cool for Germany, you can like program your weapon If you’ve got some knowledge about this ETS, this electronic trigger system So to minimize gear jams You can build in this thing And you can program this all So you can e.

g. take out the full auto option If I got it right Let’s head over to the long guns This one is called Evo Ultra Light It’s made of aluminium So it’s very light, but really valuable The main focus is on the analogy to the real weapon That’s their focus in production So you’ve got here for example In the tube Oh wait let me try to dismember this So you can remove the stock And put the battery in here You just turn here And here is the place for the battery then The stock is exactly like the real one, that’s what they told me So compatible with the real components Let me put it together again You already saw this stock on a different weapon from me If you’re outside and then switching to CQB You only have to push 1 button Then it’s short So you can use this long gun for CQB as well What is special about these weapons: they’re all delivered with a 601 tuning barrel And have a look at this You can take the engine without using any tools That’s pretty cool So you don’t need to use any tools and if there are any problems with the weapon You can quickly change the engine or solve the gear jam I think that’s awesome They’ve got over 130 different models here what is so wicked Some of them are wait how do they call it They call it carbon teched It’s a valuable plastic So same internals When buying a high-cost, mid-coast or low-coast weapon But the externals are different, so e.

g. plastics or metal or even aluminium The advantage is that you can buy a cheap weapon with nice internals and like that you can buy an expensive one with an aluminium body And this touches very nice When it comes to the price it’s between 130€ for the consumer, so for you until 200€ What i think is really cheap And if you want to you can mount these electric trigger systems as well That’s on top then.

But it’s delivered with a tuning barrel already And this flip ups, so pretty cool It’s so loud here, I feel like im at the club That’s it for the moment from Evolution But it’s going to be a topic later again, like I already announced Not quite sure if you even saw it But well we dealt something with the guys here I’m happily looking forward to the future But first I’m off to the next booth.

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